Sunday, August 14, 2005

College-searching, T.C.-style

I finally haul out the massive (massive!) bag of college propaganda that has been accumulating over the past year and a half. It is very daunting. I create five categories*, from !!! to eugh!, and proceed to sort sort sort, while—appropriately enough—Stephen Merritt assures me in the background that I’m “absolutely cuckoo”. Quite a while later I ceremoniously dispose of the eugh! pile and put the remaining piles in separate brown paper bags (I wonder if I will ever refer to them again?). Because I get the feeling that my dad was itching to throw away the 4th-tier bag behind my back, I decide to get creative with the bag labeling; they are now obliquely labeled Death, Dream, Desire, and Delirium—four of the Endless from oldest to youngest. Since I can quite confidently say that no one in my family knows the Endless family hierarchy besides myself, I think my 4th-tier bag (Delirium) is quite safe indeed.

So maybe I didn’t accomplish too much in terms of colleges. But I pretty much have a list worked out, and as much as I might deceive myself about how additional research will broaden my choices and whatnot, I bet I’ll end up applying to what I have now. Whether I get in or not is another matter.
*I also made a sixth semi-category just for the Claremont colleges, because I don’t know the difference between them and the sheer volume of literature—this of course being Ulysses-type literature, judging from page count at least—was skewing my other categories.
(NB: itwontfuckingkillyou; Scarlet’s Walk; grapefruit juice; ER; secret societies; Tristan Tzara; Big Country)

From itwontfuckingkillyou--why do I like this?

- - - - -

Oh, and in case you were wondering (you weren’t), here are some things I have eaten as a lame candy-subsitute when I needed to satiate my insane sweet-tooth but there was no ice cream or candy about:
  1. Chocolate-flavored calcium chew
  2. Flintstone vitamin
  3. Sugar cube
  4. Breath mints
  5. Cough drops
Today I employed numbers 1 and 4. Mmm-mm.

Good night; I can't wait till tomorrow because Sunday is my favorite day of the week, you know.


Anonymous daniel said...

so.....i am jazzed on coffee right now. feeling strange about the world and some projects i did not finish for a deadline today. i felt bored....and for some reason i googled the name of my website and fornd this.
makes me feel good seeing that someone liked one of my hand drawings.

8:37 PM  
Anonymous T.C. said...

You are fantastic, I hope you know that.

And I'm glad I could show some appreciation! People deserve to be told how great they are more often, don't you think?

Too bad this website is defunct now...for now, at least. Keep up the amazing work.


10:33 PM  
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