Sunday, July 31, 2005

Good art:

"Configuration," by Jean Arp:

"Three Candles," by Marc Chagall:

I'm going to see Leipzig art at Mass MoCA in a few days. More on that later, maybe. Also, I'm going through a Dadaist phase, hence the Arp. Forgive me.

Oh, and listen to "Wednesday," by Tori Amos. And, if you're curious, look into the Mornington Crescent game. G'night.


Anonymous Alison said...


I tried to leave a comment on the last post, but it was blocked for some reason. I had to tell you this though, I read that post about not exercising and doing lots of reading all summer and I completely related! haha I feel like such a dork for telling you that, but I've been trying to motivate myself to get active for the past month and it definetly hasn't worked. I'm feeling a little uncomfortable in my skin as well. I too used to play tennis or work out every day, but then summer rolled around and I haven't done anything at all. So here's to us trying to get back in shape! Hah.

Also, I wanted to tell you, congrats on all your tests. You're brilliant! And you'll be able to go to absolutely any college you'd like to go to.

I hope all is well over there! I'll be joining you on the east coast in less than a month. The reality of it all hit me just a couple days ago. Quite a strange thought! Oh, also I'd love to hear about anything 826 Boston. Take care,


3:31 AM  
Anonymous Alison said...


I like the art. I was just in DC at the National Gallery of Art and got this great Matisse poster. It's huge! And lovely. I'm so excited to explore all the museums in DC.

3:33 AM  
Anonymous oki said...

haha remember when i posted about Leipzig? yeah, i'm pretty envious right now. but that will be awesome for sure.

4:27 AM  
Blogger T.C. said...

Alison: hm yeah, I don't know what was wrong with the comment feature on that last post, but no matter. Yeah, exercise is such a hassle, but ah well--heh, we've got better things to do. And oh, I hope you like my coast...good luck on moving in and all that; it's going to be really exciting. And I'll report on 826 soon--we've got a meeting on the 7th. (Oh, and Matisse is one of my absolute favorites. Have you seen his jazz cut-outs? They're insane.) Take care!

Oki: Yeah, I decided to trek out to North Adams for Mass MoCA and when I saw that there was an exhibit from the New Leipzig School the first thing I thought was "OKI!!!" You're so ahead of the curve, honey (I mean RIVAL). But yeah, I wouldn't've known what Leipzig was all about if not for you. I'll report back (because yes, it will definitely be awesome), but don't get too envious, Miss Korean-art-school-fancy-belted Artiste! Expect mail!


2:12 PM  
Anonymous oki said...

i love matisse, esp.the jazz cutouts (sidenote, my elementary school art teacher taught us about matisse for a year, i think it was third grade, so it's deeply rooted in my mind)

can't wait to get mail, but i may send mine first, rival!

11:26 PM  
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