Sunday, July 03, 2005

The Egg-Off approaches!

I got new glasses a couple days ago—they’re tortoise-shell framed and pretty dorky, but I like ‘em. I usually wear contacts but there is something vaguely romantic (eh?) and fitting (to my personality at least, hah) about being curled up somewhere with a book or standing in front of my easle painting, pushing the glasses up on the bridge of my nose from time to time.

Tomorrow’s Independence Day, which is a super! fun! day! at my house at least. I’ll be wearing red-white-n-blue, natch (my shoulders and cheeks are sunburned so there’s my red!), and my best friend and her family will be coming over, along with my aunt and uncle. Traditionally, on the 4th of July, my family has an event that we call, um, the Egg-Off. You can probably guess what it entails…namely, various games that involve eggs. Y’know (or perhaps you don’t): Egg toss between teams of two people stepping farther and farther apart, to see who can get farthest without the egg breaking. Race around the house with an egg in a spoon. Make some sort of cushioning package for your egg using only natural outdoors materials, then toss it off the roof and see if it breaks. Um, yeah.

(What can I say, when you live in the suburbs with a family that makes its own fun, you learn to roll with the punches. And as long as you can ignore the complete ridiculousness of everything, it can be quite a hoot.)

So at dinner tonight, we were tossing back and forth various ideas for new things to do this year. My brother suggested just throwing eggs at each other, each person with a frying pan as a shield to deflect them. Then my sister suggested that we all just throw them at my mom, who would have to deflect from all angles—heh.

Then there’s lots of food, a must in the O’Brien household, and fireworks of course—across town—later on in the night. And the drunkard at the end of my street rarely fails to set off a few of his own homemade fireworks…though he doesn’t usually stick to the general rules of 4th of July, or, y’know, nighttime. Ah, the drunkard…

On an entirely different note, I’ve seen a couple interesting movies recently; I usually don’t have much time to watch films during the school year, but with summer comes our Netflix subscription and as many weird independent movies as I want—as long as I adjust the film queue online before my brother does, heh. (My movies aren’t manly enough for him.)

I saw The City of Lost Children, by Jean-Paul Jeunet (Mr. Amelie), which was terrific visually and…well, intriguing in plot, but not fantastic. Sort of like it was trying too hard to be endearingly eccentric. It was about children in a mythical city who were kidnapped by an evil scientist (assisted by six dumb clones), who tried to steal their dreams because he didn’t have any. (It was cooler than I’m making it sound, though, I’m just terrible with synopses.)

Maybe the real reason I didn’t like it is because of the kidnapping theme. When I was little I was terrified of being kidnapped; it was my biggest fear, and it was something that I would worry about quite often. Being kidnapped or, alternately, being abandoned by my parents. I don’t know why I would fear this; my parents were always endlessly caring, and they never threatened anything of the nature. Of course, my mom would warn me about not getting into cars with strangers (“And T.C., what if the man says, ‘I’ll give you candy if you get in my car…’?”—“Okay!…oh, um, I mean: Are you a bad guy?”), but it was never an actual threat. Yet whenever I’d wait for my mom or dad to pick me up, I’d be quite fearful of being left alone or “stolen” unless my big brother was with me. This fear persisted for an embarrassingly long time—until I was in about sixth grade, I think.

But oh how I digress. The other movie was In the Realms of the Unreal, about a janitor-artist…actually, I’ll talk about this later. I’m sleepy. Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow!


Anonymous oki-poki said...

i loved city of lost children (although, i know what you're talking about)

it blew me away a little bit, i think because it seemed so much like a nightmare you can't stop watching.
or something.

1:27 AM  
Anonymous oki said...

yes, i'm definitely applying to art school (only to art schools actually), for graphic design actually.

it's a large part of why i'm in korea- to develop a portfolio- i'm going to an art institute here five days a week.

and the mass-idealist-romantics-nonsensical-art-coalition thing better happen...

i have an address i'll be posting later, only thing is, it's in korean, so that might be a little difficult. in any case, i'll probably mail you first.

11:56 PM  
Blogger T.C. said...

Regarding the address: if you post it or write it out I can just print/photocopy it and tape it to the letter, so no problem.

I thought you said you were thinking about going to UCLA--do they have a good art program?

I've never done much looking into art schools but hey, the Talking Heads met at RISD! (I just want you to be on my coast, heh.)

By the way, I'm living in NYC when I grow up...we can all get a building and it will be our headquarters...secret knock, maybe?


P.S. I can't wait to see more of your art--you blow me away.

Have fun!

1:50 PM  
Anonymous ooki-folky said...

mm, yes, good idea.

my mom's cousin went to UCLA and now he's an art director for napster. so, i guess it's ok, depending what I take from it.

man RISD is crazy expensive.
honestly i was looking at a lot of new york schools, which really would've been cool and close to you guys, but.. i think i will most likely stay in california for the time being at least.

i love the east coast but it's far. and i decided to transition step by step. not to mention i have great resources back in L.A., family, and a sense of ease.

i have to admit, new york seems much more intimidating (uh...not that that should stop me, or not that i want to take the easier route neccessarily, but something about staying west for now seems right)

we will definitely have that NYC headquarters. too bad the weather isn't as TERRIFIC as it is out in LA.

much love, oki

7:27 PM  
Blogger T.C. said...

Well hey, I might end up at college on your coast, so we'll see...Hm, it's funny that I would feel closer and more comfortable--less of a jarring change) going to school somewhere in New England rather than the West, even though I'd probably end up coming home and visiting my family no more than I would if I went to school in Hawaii. I guess it's a psychological thing...

10:28 PM  
Anonymous yoo-hyun! said...

i think it's the same thing for me.
although, if i went to UCLA, or another schoolin LA, they'd probably force me to, or just come and visit me...ha.

although, i lived in New England longer than California so god know what i'm really talking about. I guess the Californian attitude has seeped in a bit. and the weather, i must admit, i've fallen in love with. (i miss new england autumns, and the summer rains, but not the winters- too grey)

10:45 PM  
Anonymous y.oak said...

oh man, styrofoam
god knows why they even use that stuff
it is nonrecycleable
which is dumb.

bean sprouts and immigrants should be cocooned in rice paper while traveling.

11:16 PM  
Blogger T.C. said...

Hehe, you are so right!

11:29 PM  
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