Friday, July 29, 2005

Ahhh…so many things to write about, sorry about the sparse updates. During the school year I always used to write up posts during French class*, and now…well, I’m writing this post in a notebook, in my bed, at three in the morning. What’s that, sleepyhead?! you cry, aghast. Yes yes, I know, quite late indeed. I’ve assumed the rather irritating habit (irritating to myself as well as to those around me) of staying up till two or three, sleeping till ten, and then complaining about how I’ve overslept, and Why didn’t anyone wake me up, dammit!—to which I’m assured that various family members did try to rouse me over the hours, but I either yelled hostile things at them, or muttered that I was “already up” (foul liar!), or simply lay silent as a corpse.

So anyway. Back to what I was saying. Which was…ah okay. Not much, gotcha. Oh! a footnote. I’ll address that here rather than at the end so I won’t forget. So, without further ado:
*French class: Yes, I will be continuing with French next year, in addition to Spanish. However, I am horrendous at French and had a terrible teacher last year, when I was in French 1 (not that I listened much…case in point being my rather extensive and freakishly (for me) regular posts.) Anyway, I wish someone would tutor me or at least speak French to me so I can work on pronunciation so I won’t completely embarrass myself at the start of next year. Maybe I should start watching more French films?…a bit of a risque way to get an education, but hey—could be fun, eh?
Speaking of the beginning of the school year (eck—I hate to even mention it!), I think I had better start exercising or something so that on August 31st I don’t look like I’ve just been sitting in the sun reading all summer because, um, that would be totally inaccurate. (Sometimes I sit in the shade.) But yeah, although I must admit that for the first time in uh, ever, I actually have a chest—which is nice—I feel a bit plump and uncomfortable. But I don’t really like exercise—the catch-22, you see. Maybe I’ll just take up jogging again—I used to jog every day. Hated it, though. Hated that I was running with no particular purpose or destination. Also, I rather dislike sweating… (I’m one of those kids who always signs up for “mixed games” in gym class.) Uh huh. But then, if I get in shape, I’ll hafta sacrifice the chest…oh well.

Hm, on a decidedly less awkward note, I’ve quite outdone myself (so modest!) with the latest thing I’ve created. It’s a robot. Well, it’s more like a stuffed doll that is a robot; I made it for my sister because she was feeling glum. In all honesty, it’s really not very attractive nor masterfully done, but I had to sew it by hand and I’m bollocks* at that kind of thing. That said, I’m quite proud of it and when I locate The Amazing Disappearing Digital Camera, I shall document its every facet for you guys. Because obviously you’re set on edge with the intrigue of it all.
*Bollocks: Hooray for British slang! I’m not sure where I picked that up, though—surely it couldn’t’ve been Harry Potter, as I’m fairly certain bollocks means—um, y’know. Gosh, I hope Harry wasn’t using language like that! Scandalous!
Oh, small side note: I got the score for my AP exam the other day, and I got a 5, which is exciting for two reasons. First, because I didn’t take the class (I oh-so-arrogantly decided that I could teach myself the material better than the teacher could, after the first couple weeks of school) and the teacher was so infuriatingly certain I wouldn’t pass unless I took his class—ha! Second, because that means that I’ve gotten perfect scores on the SAT I, SAT II, and AP I’ve taken within the past few months. And I don’t say this to gloat, but the obsessive-compulsive perfectionist in me (which is not so much a small aspect of me as it is an overwhelming characteristic of my being) rejoices at this. (I think I wrote some kind of frantic post while in the midst of studying for the AP exam back in May—complete with the panic-mode desk photo and prophesies of doom and yeah, you get the idea.) Okay, that was more than a “small side note,” wasn’t it? Eugh, sorry for being so self-absorbed. Then again, this is after all a blog; self-absorption is sort of their sole purpose.

All right, my handwriting has regressed to the point of near-illegibility. Which means it’s definitely past my bedtime. G’night, all (though in all likelihood I won’t post this till tomorrow). And the inane drivel must end. This is why you must never enter into conversation with me after midnight; I’m more verbose and incoherent than usual, which is really quite a feat. Good night then!


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