Sunday, June 19, 2005

Oh goodness, my summer reading list has swelled to epic proportions!

Argh, here it is. Feel free to tell me what to add, or what to bump up to the top. Good thing I read like a fiend when the sun is hot on my back...


Anonymous oki-la-doki said...

I betcha my reading list rivals your's, RIVAL.

(let's do this all summer)

ok. done.

6:00 PM  
Blogger T.C. said...

(you know we will)

I wouldn't mind seeing yer list, Miss Oki-doki.

(I wrote a couple notes to you two posts down, just want to make sure you see them.)

Smarts win hearts :)

6:49 PM  
Anonymous o to the keeee said...

i'm leaving on the 28th
I always always plan to make clothes but somehow never get around to it (except on a few occasions).
But I'm always making crude adjustments to my clothes (crude because i'm ridiculously lazy about sewing and that kind of thing...uh, clothes-editing).

my advice would be once you start, FINISH. because i have lots of unfinished clothes that cannot be worn. it's tragic.

skirts are always fun. shoes are something i love to do (ahem..can you say NO SEWING).

-love, oki

9:12 PM  
Anonymous P.S. said...

the helvetica site is lovely
it is a beautifully versatile font

9:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think this is Georgia. Indeed, I'm quite sure of it.

10:41 PM  
Blogger T.C. said...

Hello Anonymous,

I am well versed in fontage my friend, I realize that my blog is in Georgia. This is because blogger does not let me exploit such lovely fonts as Garamond, Helvetica, or Futura (personal favorites).

But I digress. The helvetica comment was referring to this site: to which I pointed Oki because she is reading a book about Helvetica. And also because Helvetica is awesome.

I wouldn't mind naming my child Helvetica, it's quite a lovely name. In fact, I could name all my kids after fonts! Helvetica, Lucinda (BOLD), Arial, Garamond (Gary for short, obviously)...and Zapf Dingbat, the black sheep :)

That's a lot of kids. I'm tired and procrastinating about my FRENCH FINAL tomorrow morning.

Au revoir.

11:31 PM  
Anonymous oki-tiki said...

I can't believe you thought of naming your kids after fonts first, RIVAL.

(it's a endless source of pleasure, really)

Arial would be a pretty name, but too bad Arial sucks.

I'm a-gonna name my kid Poor Richard.

(p.s. dear anon, i'm not silly enought to mistake Georgia for the gorgeous Helvetia. really, what do you take me for?)

1:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I once saw a play about a girl named Arial. Arial Black.

1:47 AM  
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