Monday, June 20, 2005

800 on the Literature SAT II, which I took earlier in the month. Ah, finally the fact that I go to a school that is obsessed with preparing us for standardized tests is paying off! But seriously. The morning of the test, when my mom was driving me to the testing center, I was quite anxiously reciting the definitions of conceit and zeugma and litotes under my breath but they didn't come in handy at all. Ah well. My English teacher's gonna be so proud, since I'm the only kid who ever reads the books or participates in English class.

I still have to take Math and possibly Spanish SAT II's (anyone know how the Spanish one is?) next fall. For COLLEGE. Argh.

Well, a nice note on which to end the year, at least. Now I must finish cramming for my French final that is in a couple hours, since I studied minimally for it. Goddamn irregular verbs!


Anonymous oki-doki-poki said...

i remember studying those silly lit terms last year...
but i heard the sat II lit test is more about themes, comp, etc.

i'll be taking it next year. and the french one, possibly world history (i'll have to dig up my old AP stuff).

i really hate this standardized testing stuff.

7:45 PM  
Blogger T.C. said...

Yeah, standardized testing pretty much goes against every educational value I have...

Though while half of me wants to treat it with a devil-may-care attitude, the other half wants to (a) do well without studying or spending $800 on one of those silly prep classes to prove--to prove god know what, but certainly to prove SOMETHING

and (b) so that I can get into a good college with people who love to learn and create and all that.

So anyway. I did boycott the MCAS (Massachusetts standardized tests) by just not taking it this year, but it was a tiny pathetic boycott because LAST YEAR's MCAS is the one that you have to pass to graduate.

I'm rambling. Eurgh for standardized tests.

9:22 PM  
Anonymous o-k-i said...

i remember taking MCAS!
good times, ha

i like doing well too so that I can get scholarships and so forth.

but it's emotionally trying.
(i get frustrated)

9:49 PM  
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