Sunday, May 01, 2005

Walk for Hunger

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I did the Walk for Hunger today. And it rained. Hard. Well, it started raining after three or four miles (luckily I took a bunch of photos as we were kicking off, before the rain started, which you can look at here on Flickr). The white tank top and blue jeans I was wearing were probably the worst things I could possibly have worn--but in my defense I checked the forecast before I left--nothing! Anyway, by the end my skin was bright pink and raw from the freezing cold rain, every inch of me was dripping and cold. (At least it's for a good cause.) I came home and immediately peeled off all my cold, wet layers to immerse myself in a hot bath. Then tea and the Sunday Times. My favorite things.

That's as much of an update as you're going to get today (I posted twice yesterday, you lucky dogs), but ah well, it's multimedia. (It occurred to me today that I didn't use any of my Flickr upload capacity for April, yet I'm using basically all of the May capacity on May 1st. Oh well.)

Also, I regret that the photos are pretty amateur-ish and some are kinda blurry, since I was taking them on the go. But they are green!

Updates this next week may be sparse, we'll see.


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