Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Teen Beat for the bookworm

When I'm browsing the bookstore or the library with nothing in particular in mind, there are two main criteria by which I choose my book. The first is title, because that's easiest to see when your eyes are sliding across long bookshelves. An intriguing title makes me pull out the book, after which comes criterion number two: the cover. Yup, I judge books by their covers, all the time. In fact, sometimes if I read a book and don't really like it, it will still have a sort of good place in my memory because I'm so visual that I'll always associate it with its cover.

Taking that visual elitist attitude one step further, I've also been known to pick up a book because the author is, um, very attractive. For instance, The Scar by China Mieville. A cool book, made much better by the intriguing cover...

...and by its cute author (who also happened to run for Parliament recently!)...

And well y'know, also the impressive way in which he wielded his adjectives.

I'm also keen to read this book:

(requisite author photo):

It sports the winning trio of excellent title, cover, and author photo (eh and you know that old thing they call critical acclaim).

Actually, even though I've never read anything by Eggers except some of his things from McSweeney's, I've lately become slightly obsessed with him. (Funny how I obsessively fall in love with men like Neil Gaiman and Dave Eggers while other girls my age are drooling over Orlando Bloom and Brad Pitt. Ah well.) Okay, so not only did Dave Eggers used to be a writer and not only is he much of the backbone behind the grand and hilarious McSweeney's enterprise, but he also started up a Superhero Supply Store in New York City (!!) and as if that weren't cool enough, it's actually a front for a free tutoring program for underpriveleged kids. (!, !!, and !!!) There's a special door in the back of the store that leads to the tutoring area. Superhero Supply Store! I don't know what to do with myself. I really wish I were in NYC with my family right now! Too. Cool.

(Sorry for all the explanation points. I'm overwhelmed.)

I apologize for the mediocrity of this blog lately, but I've been busy and I'm apt to go on tangents when I'm absent-minded. And, y'know, overuse those damn !!'s. I have to go write the final paper for my religion class, and some newspaper articles. And etc. Not going to Revenge of the Sith tonight because I didn't want to take away one of those midnight tickets from some obsessive, darling geek who had made a paper chain to count down the days till Episode III's release and watched all the previous movies the day before (like, cough, my brother) and spoke Wookie and got all decked out in his Boba Fett costume. And stuff. (Sigh. I love geeks.)

So anyway, I'll probably go be entertained by a young man's self-destructive fall to evil and the corruption of an empire this weekend. Should be a rockin' time.


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