Sunday, May 08, 2005

So, um, I'm in the middle of cramming for AP's. Now, if I pull this off, I'll brag about how I did it later. If--in the more likely scenario--I do not pull it off, then damn this was a bad idea. I've been holed up in my room all day. All day. With only copious amounts of tea and Coldplay to keep me company. That's good music to study by. I've mostly been listening to "The Scientist" on repeat...

I'm getting pretty psyched about Star Wars. A friend and I have made excited plans for watching the original three in a marathon of light-sabery-goodness next weekend. I was thinking about them last night and I remembered all of a sudden how much I love them. I think I'll maybe wear my hair in those funny Princess Leia buns for the movie-watching. I'm a dork.

Also, the other day in Spanish about half of my class was gone to take the US History AP exam (not myself, whew), so our teacher was letting the rest of us just chat and hang out. A couple girls near me were having a very breathless and unironic discussion of the previous night's double episode of The OC omigod!!!11!!1 I had a nearly unsuppressable urge to mock, but I restrained myself and instead, I coolly informed them that 24 could beat The OC in a duel any day. There was a tense moment. Then, to make amends, one of the OC gals and I went and got some cookies from the cafeteria, and all was well again. This is the thing I love about teenage girls: any disagreement or tension can be easily diffused with some sugar. (Oh, and right as we were leaving to get our cookies, I noticed that the teacher was looking at us with a funny expression. "Oh don't worry," I assured him, "we're not going to go do drugs or anything." The class burst into laughter so I guess I'm not very convincing as a potential drug-doer. Um, druggie. Addict? What's the right word?)

That's all for now. Cross your fingers tightly for me this coming week!


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