Monday, May 16, 2005

Ramblin' girl

These past few days I’ve been overdosing on grapefruit juice and Joanna Newsom. The former because I adore grapefruit juice and try to ingest as much of it as possible whenever it’s in the house. The latter because my mom can’t stand Joanna Newsom’s voice, and so I’m taking advantage of her being away so that I can get my Joanna Newsom fix without my mom harping on me. (Harping, get it, get it?!)

Let me rewind. My mom is on a business trip in New York City this week and I was supposed to accompany her along with my sister and dad, but alas, I’m typing this from my couch at home, not from some wi-fi-connected café in NYC. My brother’s here with me, but the rest of my family is traipsing around the city having a grand old time, I’m sure. Damn these suburbs. Anyway, I couldn’t go on the trip because I had the oral portion of my Spanish final exam today that my teacher wouldn’t let me make up and I have editor-in-chief duties all this week and next.

It’s funny, I can’t get used to calling myself editor-in-chief. I’m the least likely candidate for that kind of thing, because I’m just not very bossy and I don’t even really like managing people. Of course, I love writing and I’m friends with all the staff, so it’s not really a problem. I’m working on being more aggressive. In the meantime, a few of my friends have pretty much monopolized the student government, being class president, secretary, and treasury. Now that I’m editor-and-chief of the school paper (with my friend as deputy editor), we decided that we could start a bit of an oligarchy, with them controlling politics and me controlling media. Haha.

(Incidentally, I’ve just been writing a sort of goodbye tribute article to the former editor-in-chief, and I’m having a hard time making it have just the right tone. I want it to be affectionate and respectful and funny. He’s a dear, and he really deserves something great. Hm.)

Here are two conversations I took part in today:
Girl 1: Why does our French textbook say there are only five continents?
French teacher: Because there are.
Girl 1: Um, no. There are seven. Antarctica, Australia, North America, South America—
French teacher: No, the Americas are one continent.
Me: What! Monsieur ----, the Americas are not one continent.
Girl 2: Well maybe in France they count them as one…?
Me: In France they disregard plate tectonics?
French teacher: Um…everybody turn to page 211, exercise D…

Me: I take daily naps now. I get home from school and immediately go to sleep.
Kid 1: Ah, nice. Bed naps or couch naps?
Me: Couch naps.
Kid 1: (staring off into the distance) Yeah, couch naps… In fact, I’m about to drift off to sleep right now.
Me: Well if you fall asleep, I’ll give you a quick subtle kick in the shin, alright?
Kid 1: What! No! I want to fall asleep in class. In fact, if I fall asleep, get me a pillow!
Me: Ha, alright.
(Later, in class, he fell asleep. He was half-snoring. I was half-laughing.)
Okay, I just realized that that second conversation isn't funny at all. It was at the time. Regardless, here are some unrelated things I meant to talk about but am now feeling too lazy to address: My infuriation with Audioscrobbler, which never seems to be working nowadays. My project o’ projects and how it’s coming along. The current mediocrity of 24. Revenge of the Sith reviews, AO Scott (NY Times) vs. Anthony Lane (New Yorker)--this clash of the critics makes me even more excited! I guess I'll just have to wait for the diagnosis from the Wall Street Journal's Joe Morgenstern, because my movie taste agrees almost exclusively with his. We shall see. (Today I saw a girl wearing a Star Wars t-shirt and boy did I get over-excited.)

What a manic Monday it’s been…


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