Tuesday, May 31, 2005

It's been sort of cold these past few days and I have goosebumps. I was shaking in class it was so freezing... But, but. I'm happy. I just finished my first issue of the school newspaper as editor-in-chief, and I was so nervous that I might botch it, but it looks splendid and it's interesting and beautiful and--well, this is what I'm good at. Writing, I mean. It's what I love.

And when I get cold I make myself a big mug of tea and I press it up against my cheek that way I do, which my brother teases me about. It makes my cheeks bright pink but it warms me up so.

And I have issue 16 of McSweeney's--goodness, I forgot to write about how I caught the McSweeney's tour in Boston yesterday! It was...well, I'll post about it tomorrow, I'm too tired right now. It was delightful.

And I've been thinking about what my kids (babies!) will be like, and how I'll raise them and what a good job I'll do, and how I'll give them baths in the kitchen sink and play them old records and paint their faces and let them dance on the fire escape (I'll be living in the city of course). Is it odd that I think about this kind of thing?

And I still have a schoolgirl crush on this boy...and those are the best, y'know. Make you feel funny inside.

...And boy do I love the summer. Here comes the sun, indeed.

Update: Oh, and: 826 Boston. It's really happening. I'm going to be one of the starter-uppers (start-uppers? starters-up?), and the guy in charge is this really young, geeky and hip-seeming Harvard kid, and there are meetings with official 826 National folks, and I'm going to be there! I love being involved in this kind of thing, it's such an exciting beginning-of-something-big feeling. I am happy :)


Anonymous oki said...

they already have one in LA of course, but its really cool that you are involved in that.

I wish my school had a newspaper, but then, maybe I don't..

10:22 PM  
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