Sunday, April 24, 2005

Yesterday I was delighted to find the new issue of Wired lying unassumingly in my mailbox, classic sturdy cover with the checkered title, Darth Vader grinning up at me…even more excitingly, this month’s cover story on George Lucas was written by my own friend, the very talented Steve Silberman! I devoured the magazine from back to front, as is my custom, after which I was able to personally congratulate Steve online. (Silly though this might sound, it made me proud to see his name on the front cover, y’know.) You guys can read the article online on Tuesday, and I highly recommend it; I found it much more engrossing than your run-of-the-mill article on Lucas’s special effects and the mediocrity of Episodes I and II—instead, it focuses on Lucas’s influences for Star Wars, his aims for Episode III, and his plans for a rather avant-garde future in film-making.

And as I was curled up on one couch, Wired against my knees, my sister was reading Seventeen next to me. At one point she felt compelled to tell me what Seventeen predicted for my “summer love life,” a prediction apparently tailored especially for me because it is based on my birthday. That’s right, all girls born on March 31 have this to look forward to this summer:
“Don’t be scared off by a persistent guy who finds you in August—he’s perfect for you!”
My mind wanders to fond memories of my old freaky stalker…looks like he may be making a comeback!

Also, as planned, today is project-announcement-day. I am pleased to report that my newly painted and curtained room looks quite splendid, and I’ll try to Flickr a few photos of it shortly. This coming week, I will be sneaking (at night of course) into various ugly, sandy, and generally barren middle-of-the-road triangles to enrich with loam, MiracleGro, and sunflowers. Imagine the town’s surprise when six- and seven-foot flowers suddenly begin popping up all over town! It will be terrific—I’ll post photos when they spring up.

A short anecdote: my sister and I went off to buy some groceries today with a shopping list from my mom and orders to return something to RadioShack. As we enter RadioShack, a slightly confused teenage cashier approaches us, a phone dangling from his hands. “Um,” he says, indicating the telephone, “your mom just called for you. She said you should get some onions.” More funny than embarrassing—oh Mom!

Now I’m off to cook dinner, have a lovely evening!

P.S. I read Heart of Darkness today, and I liked it slightly less than I expected to. (It’s those damn Dover Thrift Editions, that font is so hard to read!) It was bizarre and interesting but my thoughts were elsewhere; I suspect I’ll like it more when I re-read it. Also, funnily enough, I was reading this poem by TS Eliot yesterday and had no idea what the “Mistah Kurtz” allusion was—of course, now I know!


Blogger Steve Silberman said...

Aw, thanks so much. I'm honored that you care about what I write.

12:20 PM  
Blogger T.C. said...

Keep up the great work, Steve! I may be coming to San Francisco this summer, which means we can have a cup of coffee or something.

5:24 PM  
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