Saturday, April 30, 2005

Let's see. First, a follow-up on the extremely brief Lessig/Tweedy post I put up a couple days ago; I wrote this but forgot to blog it:

The players: Stanford law professor Larry Lessig, Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy, and Wired editor Steven Johnson. (Quite the all-star lineup.)

The topic: copyright and the law, player pianos, artistic freedom, Walt Disney, "piracy" and terrorism, DJ Dangermouse, Jack Valenti (ha!), and why we're raising our kids as criminals.

This occurred a couple weeks ago; at the time, there was a live webcast off A couple days ago I found the audio file for the "Who Owns Culture?" talk, which you can stream or download here. It's about an hour and a half. Lessig is brilliant; I just wish I had seen the webcast, if solely for (in Geoff Aung's words) "the only cool PowerPoint presentation I’ve ever seen"--ahem, Keynote presentation.

Recall recent Wired News interview with Tweedy on the topic: he famously declared that "Music is not a loaf of bread."

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I'm going to be veddy busy these next few weeks. Today I'm volunteering at the hospital; tomorrow's the Walk for Hunger, which will take all day; then there are AP's, SAT's, SAT II's, projects, finals, figuring out my summer, being with my brother, taking care of my sister, trying to stay sane.

Oh, I just realized that nobody outside Massachusetts knows what the Walk for Hunger is. Basically, you get pledges from various friends and family (usually about $20 each), then you walk 20 miles on a set route around Boston, check off at the checkpoints, and give the money to Project Bread, which buys food for homeless shelters in the area. It usually takes me about six hours to do the actual walk, but it takes about 40 minutes to get in and another 40 to get out. I've done this for the past four or five years; it's really fun until maybe the last three miles. It's funny, because I'm pretty much the least athletic person ever, but eh. My legs are gonna be sore on Monday!

Also, regarding my summer plans... I'm thinking about running away for a few weeks under the pretense of looking at colleges. I'd like to hit Chicago, San Diego, and San Francisco, maybe DC and LA and N'Orleans. I know people whose couches I could appropriate in Chicago, San Francisco, DC, and LA. I figure that between Greyhound and Southwest Airlines' promotional fares, I could travel pretty cheaply. In cities where I don't know anyone, I could stay at youth hostels...or, y'know, curl up at an airport.

I think I could get by with pretty much just a toothbrush, a dress, and a pair of blue jeans.

I'll see if my brother wants to come with me, but the idea of doing it alone is kind of alluring to me...

Updates to come.


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