Tuesday, April 19, 2005


About a week ago, I bought Regina Spektor’s CD Soviet Kitsch and boy, it is phenomenal. The songs are smart and funny and totally zany (like the cover!), but there’s just something else about them…the more I listen to them, the more obsessed I become. She was born in Russia and her voice at times has that foreign quality, over-enunciating syllables and consonants like she hasn’t quite mastered English, so she’s over-compensating. This is by no means a bad effect; at times her voice reminds me of Bjork or, to a lesser extent, Joanna Newsom. But then, I have a terrible habit of comparing new artists to others…at various times while listening to the CD, I found myself comparing Spektor to PJ Harvey, Joni Mitchell, Tori Amos, and others.

So rather than saying she sounds like many different people, I’ll say she sounds like nothing else. Each song is wildly different from the one before, and each one sounds better than the last…until you listen to the CD again, then you’re really muddled. The most knock-out song was “Us,” but it’s hard for me to single that out without saying that “Ode to Divorce” and “Carbon Monoxide” and “Somedays” are also spectacular…and “Poor Little Rich Boy,” and “Ghost of Corporate Future.” So I’ll stop. But you’ll be happy to know (if you are, miraculously, still reading at this point—lucky you!) that you can stream her whole CD off her website. So enjoy.

In other entertainment news (hah)…I saw Closer a few days ago. It was not great. It was good—time and time again I found myself almost really liking it—but damn, it was so depressing! It was billed as “a look at how love is in the real world” and boy, I sure hope love isn’t like that. Too much deception and broken hearts for my liking, and a couple parts at which I felt myself blushing like a cherry. (Also, I had two problems with the casting: first, Jude Law is not a heartthrob, he’s just effeminate and sort of irritating; and second, Natalie Portman is too pretty to exist in real life.) Even the excessive amounts of scandal and intrigue could not save this film from mediocrity.


Anonymous oki said...

I am enjoying Soviet Kitsch

and Closer looks a little not to my taste

Natalie P. is cute when she blushes and talks normally

10:45 PM  
Blogger T.C. said...

When did you hear of Soviet Kitsch, Oki? Regardless, she is great. (You have great taste in music, by the way--I'm loving the zany CD!)

9:03 PM  

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