Tuesday, April 26, 2005

In which we meet my tiny toy computer-ox

Last night at 1:00 I baked a batch of cupcakes, with Abbey Road playing in the background and my dogs keeping me company. I think I probably ate about half the frosting, and somehow some of the remainder ended up in my hair.

(Before I forget: Steve Silberman's Wired article on George Lucas is now online.)

Incidentally, today I went to pull out my iBook to type this post and I was astonished to find a tiny toy ox on a ribbon (yep, you read that right) taped to the top of my laptop. "Mom," I said accusingly, "did you tape this tiny ox to my computer?" She confessed that indeed she had, she thought I would like it. And I do! He keeps me company when I'm working and he likes all my music.

Despite the little ox's company, I've been spending a lot less time on the internet lately. Consequently, in order to be more efficient, I've set up a Bloglines account to read various blogs and online news sites via their RSS feeds. This is very, very convenient and also pretty fun. I have feeds from Slate, kottke.org, Oki's blog, Neil Gaiman's journal, the Guardian, Wired News, and a couple others. I highly recommend it; almost all regularly updated websites have RSS or Atom feeds--even xangas!

(During first and second period today, I watched videos in class. The first featured a heart-stoppingly adorable six-year-old; the second, a baby. I was all aflutter, they were so devastatingly cute.)

I've been listening to the Decemberists song "Engine Driver" a lot these past few days. Certain songs, like "Apricot Tea" and some by Yo La Tengo, have also been making me kind of sad.

On a brighter note, however, my brother T.'s coming home from college on May 5th. I'm very, very happy; I miss our old family dynamic, and I miss him. Someone reflected to me the other day that I sure do adore my brother. That's true, of course, but I think probably everyone adores their big brothers, even if they don't show it.

And I must be off.


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