Friday, April 01, 2005

I wish I had a plaid bathroom

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That's how old I am now. I guess I'll go out and watch an R or an NC-17 movie!

Anyway, I got home from school today and sat out in the sun reading Frankenstein for a couple hours--and I finished it! Now that was pretty much one of the dullest books I've ever read, but except for 20 pages I read a couple weeks ago, I read it in its entirety between yesterday and today. (Hah take that Shakeer! Don't tell me you can't catch up with Don Quixote.)

It seems like I should have more time to read now, something that I haven't really been able to do regularly for the past couple weeks. I'm thinking some Salman Rushdie next? Incidentally, I was looking at a list of Nobel Laureates yesterday and was ashamed to find that of the nearly 100 writers, I'd read things by only nine. That's right. How embarrassing, I ought to get on that.

Also, in honor of one of the summeriest days we've had so far this year, some friends and I broke out the frisbees today. That's my favorite form of exercise, frisbee is: the better you get, the less actual physical exertion is required. Also, you can talk and listen to music as you play. Gosh, the world would be a better place if everyone played frisbee.

So the other day I overheard two very funny conversations--so funny, in fact, that they caused an unsuppressible burst of laughter, the trademark way to draw accidental attention to the fact that you were listening to someone's conversation and you think they're pretty darn silly. Whoops. Anyway, here they are:

#1) "So you mean bread existed before Moses?! Whoa, bread is old!"

#2) "Now don't you think a plaid bathroom would be a great addition to our House o' Whimsy?"

Actually, I half-lied. That second statement was not overheard, it was said to me in conversation. (And I replied, "Oh yep! That would be awesome!" unironically. Well, don't you think a plaid bathroom would be pretty cool?) But I did burst into laughter afterwards. I laugh too much.

Also, I took a couple photos for Shakeer's terrific shoegazing group on Flickr; here they are:

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And finally, happy April Fools Day! My parents' idea of a great April Fools joke to play on me was for my dad to come into my room this morning saying worriedly, "Oh my gosh, it's so late, you missed the bus and you missed English class!" I tiredly looked at my clock and said, "Uhh no I didn't, I don't even need to be up yet." He looked a little crestfallen: "Um yep. Darn." I asked him, "Mom's idea?" "Of course."

However, my mom did have one awesome April Fools joke that she played on someone at her work, and I plan on adopting this joke to play on a teacher next year. So we have this terrible wall clock in our house, one of those bird clocks that has a different bird chirping at every hour. She gets into work before her boss does, so she went into his office and put the clock up in the ceiling (you know, those office--and school--ceiling panels that you can push up). Also, she set it so that it chirped at a quarter to the hour, not exactly at the hour, so it would be less obvious. Then she alerted the rest of her coworkers that if the boss asked if they heard chirping, they should say they didn't hear anything. And it was all set. And it was awesome. Aw yep, my mom ususally has the worst sense of humor, but that is just brilliant.

Happy April Fools Day, my dears.


Anonymous oki said...

ha! when i turned 17 my first thought was "hooray! now i can watch films with lots of sex scenes, profanity, and violence! Or foreign films with lots of nudity!"

my dad tells corny jokes, but he also has a habit of repeating these bad jokes, so that we are forced to lugh so that he will stop. parents!

11:41 PM  
Anonymous Jay said...

Hey Happy Birthday T.C., although a bit late.

4:15 AM  
Blogger T.C. said...

Oki: Ah yep, my mom also repeats jokes until we laugh, because she figures we must not have heard her the first time OTHERWISE WE WOULD BE LAUGHING, DAMMIT!

Jay: Thank you! Thank goodness I wasn't born a day later, on April Fools Day, eh? (Upon second thought, that woulda been kind of cool...)

10:56 AM  
Anonymous oki said...

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