Monday, April 18, 2005

Aldous Huxley said that several excuses are less convincing than one, but ah well.

It feels like I’ve been gone longer than I actually have, but god so much has happened in the past several weeks. Most significantly, my sister was in the hospital. I worry enough about her as it is; you can imagine how distraught I was during that incident and still now. I try everything I can to make things better but I can’t, I can’t, I just seem to be feckless when it comes to those really important things. My god, that must have been one of the worst times of my life; thankfully, things are settling down now, and she seems to be doing alright.

On top of that—though less importantly, of course—I’ve also been madly busy with school and things unrelated to school. I’ve now officially taken over as editor-in-chief of the school newspaper, which requires much attention, much editing of mediocre articles (I read and edited 60 articles in two days!), and many very late nights in the computer lab during Layout Week, with just some cold pizza and the layout boys to keep me company.

I’ve also been going through the extrememly exhaustive process of applying for a summer job (actually more like an internship, as the menial wages will barely cover my train fare for the commute) at SBC—I’ve mentioned this before, right? If I get in—if if if—I would be teaching English lit and Art History to underprivileged inner city kids in Boston. After turning in a five-essay application at the end of March, I was called back for a two-and-a-half hour group interview with three other students ridiculously-more-qualified-than-me. Then, this past Friday, I had a 45-minute individual interview with one of the program’s director’s. We’ll see how it went; despite my nervousness, I have to say that it certainly would have been a lot scarier if I weren’t as verbose as I am. (Finally it comes in handy!) But let’s face it; I probably won’t get in: they had 300 applicants for 10-20 positions, so the chances are pathetically slim.

One good thing about these past few weeks, however, is that I have done a great deal of writing. Ten essays in all, if you count school and religion class and application essays. In addition, I’ve been writing many a handwritten letter. I love writing letters. I also love receiving them. In fact, opening up the mailbox to find a nice crisp letter awaiting you is probably one of the best things there is. (And man, 37 cents to send something anywhere in the country in three days! I heart the USPS.)

So anyway, there’s my very long-winded excuse for why I haven’t been blogging of late. (And AP’s and SAT’s and SAT II’s are coming up, so we’ll see.) But all that said, I miss blogging—assuming things start getting better and not worse, I should be back here cursing Blogger for deleting my posts like in the days of yore.

Boy, I’m sorry for what looks like a pretty whiny post. But then, it is my blog. Speaking of which, obviously I changed the background. I planned on doing something a bit more complicated and pretty, but I decided that spending an embarrassing amount of time with just my iBook and CSS was not going to be any fun.

Nevertheless, I’m back!


Blogger Shakeer said...

So she returns!

I dig the new look by the way. Well I can't tell if you changed anything but the background and the colours but it looks terrif.

4:31 AM  
Anonymous oki said...

I have been busy..should be busy doing things right now
but I've chosen to ignore things as it one day kill me or something, but for now, I go between panic and a false sense of calm..

good excuses, better than my excuse FOR blogging..

12:22 AM  

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