Sunday, March 20, 2005

"This is what you get when you mess with love."

Listening to Radiohead's "Karma Police." I always thought they were saying, "This is what you get when you mess with love" but I just figured out that it's "when you mess with us." I like my way better.

The other day in Religion class we were talking about karma. About how impossible it is for Buddhists to reconcile their belief in karma with the recent tsunami. How can any sane person argue that those hundreds of thousands of people deserved to die? When a three-year-old girl is ripped from her father's arms and drowns in the sea, you can't just say she had it coming. What evil could this child have committed in her little life?

Karma is a strange thing. I don't believe in karma in any sense except at that elementary level of "what comes around, goes around." I think if you do good, good will come to you, but then...I've lived a privileged life. I probably wouldn't be saying that if I'd grown up hungry all the time, or paralyzed, or in a broken household. Who am I to philosophize on these things?

This may sound silly to any of you who use Blogger, but I just figured out how to colorize text for the first time. Heh, sorry, I'll get a grip. But you see, the HTML window is the one that automatically pops up when I start typing a post, so I've always composed in HTML mode without realizing that there was an option otherwise. Look at all these things. Spell-check! Bulleting! Changing fonts! What utter madness. (And boy do I feel foolish now.)

I'm still straightening things out around here, but while I'm still busy as a bee, things are looking sunnier. (No, not literally, it's still gray as death here. Although today is the first day of spring, I just realized! How lovely! I think I shall play "Here Comes the Sun" very loudly...

After reading and re-reading so much Milton over the past month, I really want to read something trashy. But I have to start Frankenstein (sorry, I couldn't resist!) tonight and Wired just came, so that's on the nightstand for tonight. Ha! My sister, the angsty darling, just said angrily, "Are you trying to define me as a teenager?!" and I resisted the urge to yell a little Oscar Wilde back at her in sarcasm: "To define is to limit!"

I want to see "The Asphalt Jungle." I need more film noir in my life.


Blogger Shakeer said...

Hah, I always thought it was "when you mess with us" so the title here had me worried for a moment.

5:25 PM  
Blogger T.C. said...

Ah yep, I'm always misinterpreting song lyrics. Sometimes I have a complete set of alternate lyrics that I'm sure are right until someone sets me straight, but by then the song's "meaning" is ingrained enough in my head that I can never hear it otherwise. How dorky.

7:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's the first day of spring?! And it's pouring in Portland. Sigh. The first day of spring should have been last week, when it was pretty out. Happy spring, though!

I always messed up song lyrics, too.
Two of my favorites:

When I was really little, I thought the song, "So Long, Farewell" went "Shalom, Farewell." Shalom means "farewell," but I could never figure out why the Austrians were speaking Hebrew... My parent's perpetuated my ignorance in this regard for a number of years, because they thought it was cute. Oh, dear.

Then there's this line in "Impossible" from Cinderella that goes, "and because these daft and dewy eyed dopes keep building up impossible hopes." Complicated line, right? So I thought it was, "and because of all these billy-eyed goats who're building up impossible hopes." It makes no sense. I know. But at the time I didn't know what daft meant and had never heard the expression "dewy-eyed." I finally was enlightened when I taught the song to the 3 year old daughter of an ex-actress friend of ours. We were performing it for her, and she burst out laughing half way through. So I learned.

I could go on forever, but this is supposed to be a comment, and it's long enough.

Happy Spring!

- Avital

11:35 PM  
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Anonymous kalevipoeg said...

me too i thought they sing mess with love....

12:30 PM  
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