Wednesday, March 02, 2005

In which every paragraph relates to that above it, and which I stuff with unnecessary pictures so that it looks like I wrote more than I actually did

It always ends up snowing on my birthday, so rather than being excited about it coming up, I’ve come to regard it as a cruel reminder of how unbelievably long and cold these New England winters are. The dreariness of this particular winter, however, was alleviated by the lovely bright Gates, thank goodness.

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(A friend and I have pinned our Gates swatches to our backpacks)

I realized today that despite all the shops and vendors in New York City, the (free) swatch was one of just two physical objects that I brought back from my trip…how thrifty.

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(The other souvenir was a pair of earrings I bought at the Met)

I went to put these earrings on today, however, and I realized that because I hadn’t worn earrings in quite a while, one of the earring holes had closed up. Of course I stupidly just pushed the earring through regardless and found to my chagrin a minute later that blood was dripping off my ear; this would have grossed me out except that it reminded me of that part in Girl With a Pearl Earring… I just sort of dabbed it and it’s been throbbing weirdly all day, but in classic Jack Bauer-ness I have decided to disregard the pain and get on with my life already. At least I have pretty ears!

(Actually this next part has no segue, but eh. Darn it.) Our TiVo remote has broken and, while we wait for our new one to come in the mail, I’ve decided to completely abstain from television. This, admittedly, is no great feat since I really just watch 24 and the odd Seinfeld, but I have not had my Kiefer Sutherland fix-o-the-week, alas! I’ve grown so spoiled with not having to watch commercials that I just can’t bring myself to sit through another Ford Explorer ad set to irritating music (as if the amazingly un-subtle Ford product placement in 24 weren’t enough!). Still, I was a little disappointed that I missed the Oscars after I read some of Chris Rock’s caustic actor-bashing in the Times (“If you want Russell Crowe but you can only get Colin Farrell, wait!” he declared.)

So instead of watching 24 last night, I read Don Quixote, which is…well, a hoot. The problem with bringing it to school, though, is that when I pull it out during History class (where I get all my most efficient reading done!), I’m not so inconspicuous. Ah well. I’ve gotten a few of my friends to bite into Don Quixote as well, and we’ve decided to make t-shirts featuring this great Picasso Don Quixote sketch:

One of my friends—one of those who agreed to go along with my Don Quixote scheme, actually—and I are also hoping to do this teaching program in Cambridge (not the England Cambridge, the Massachusetts Cambridge) over the summer. Oh sorry! I’m being called to dinner but this post is to be continued tomorrow. Now I must abandon ye with haste, O wicked knaves!


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