Friday, March 11, 2005

"I listened to N'Sync when they were underground"

I just downloaded the new Wilco EP (you can get it legitimately off their site), but I’ve only listened to it through once, so I can’t give much of an opinion yet except that it’s pure Jeff Tweedy. In other music news, I’ve been listening to the Bravery a bit lately…

I write this hurriedly because, hello, it’s Friday night, and I’m getting together with a friend momentarily. We’ll see how long it take her to get here. I spent this afternoon in the worst possible way for someone who has a day off from school—at the mall. But my favorite old jeans were so worn out that the pockets had holes in them, the belt loops had fallen off, and the crotch was ripped in such a way that I could no longer wear them to school. It’ll be a while before I’ve worn in these new jeans to perfection, though. Sigh. I hate the mall.

By the way, today I saw a t-shirt that said, “I listened to N’Sync when they were underground.” I love ironic t-shirts.

And this is probably the worst post I’ve written in a while. Um, I added a few things to the sidebar. But my friend is here and I’ve got better things to do than blog. Bye all!


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