Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Boy are my eyes gonna be bloodshot by the end of the month

I'm not allowed to be in the National Honors Society because, although I was invited and certainly have the grades for it, I turned in the application a day late. What!

I have a religion paper to work on, and a religion midterm coming up (so many Hindu and Buddhist terms!--all long and obscure, too). I have to finish my big, important paper on Milton and my research paper on the Weathermen. And finish the five essays for the Summerbridge app. And read 100 pages of my religion textbook. And start prepping for the SAT's a little. And oh y'know, not to mention the work for my other classes.

Needless to say, posts will be sparse or at least bad for a little while. I'm not apologizing. (Check out my blogroll for some blog reading more interesting than mine.)

Ciao. Wish me luck.


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