Sunday, March 27, 2005

"Actually, I have no idea what you're talking about."

I just came in from shoveling. That's right, shoveling. It's sunny and (relatively) warm, it hasn't snowed for a couple days actually, but my mom wanted us to get rid of the snow banks next to our driveway before people came over for Easter. So my sister and I opened up all the doors of my mom's car and blasted the Talking Heads from the speakers and shoveled our hearts out for about an hour, shedding layers every few minutes until I had my jeans rolled up, wearing a tank top, hair in a hasty ponytail. Felt summery. (Also, I can do a killer David Byrne. You should hear me trying to sing "Psycho Killer," hah.)


If you know me at all, you know that I love Neil Gaiman. He's talented and funny and beautiful and generally fantastic. So I was reading his blog the other day and found that you can read the first chapter of his new book, Anansi Boys (to be published September 20), online. I read it. It was very Neil. (Very different than American Gods, though...very different.) Anyway, you ought to read it as well.

Back? Okay, what have we... Well, I watched I Heart Huckabees a couple nights ago and I must say, I was grossly disappointed. I would have thought that I would automatically like anything with the pretentious self-irony to label itself an "existential comedy." But alas, it fell short. It kept on almost being really clever, but like tripping on its way to the finish line and just looking awkward and flustered. (Does that analogy make sense?) Though it was generally too frenetic, I will grant that there were a couple really funny parts. For instance,

One of the existential detectives asks Albert, "Have you ever transcended time and space?"

Albert replies, "Time, yes. Not space." Beat. "Actually, I have no idea what you're talking about."

On an entirely different note, the song on repeat at the moment is the 10,000 Maniacs' "Hey Jack Kerouac." A damn good song, if I dare say so myself. (I dare.) I love the Beats, oh yes I do. After I listen to this song a couple more times, I think I'll listen to Jack himself reading his "American Haikus." Then maybe listen to Allen Ginsberg reading "America." Maybe I should just go to a jazz joint and link knees with someone, and talk about everything that comes into our heads...

Have a great Easter!


Blogger Shakeer said...

I read the excerpt. I haven't read any Gaiman before but I had some expectations and prejudices anyway. As it turns out, I enjoyed it a lot. It wasn't quite as grand as I was expecting, but it was a great little story and now I'm excited to read the rest of the book too.

Also, I think I've heard that Ginsberg America reading. It's really cool but I hafta say that that's really not the way I read it. I usually read his poetry with a quicker tempo and more intensity.

4:22 PM  
Blogger T.C. said...

Yes! I knew you'd like Neil, he's a great storyteller. Also, I wish I could hear you read Ginsberg sometime, it sounds like it would be quite the experience! Those Beats, gotta love 'em.

10:56 PM  
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