Sunday, February 20, 2005

Guess how I got that nickname?

Listening to Another Travelin' Song, by Bright Eyes. I really like it. Quite a lot.

For your amusement, I've posted some before-and-after shots of The Great Bedroom Overhaul on my Flickr account (look to the sets in the leftmost column). For additional fun (ha!), I've added notes to a bunch of the photos... Man, was that room messy or what? (The picture below is after, don't get so indignant!)

Image Hosted by

Alright, I'm sorry for the overwhelming lameness of this and the previous post--I've had to deal with some things at home that were, let's face it, much more pressing than is blogging. But better something than nothing, right?

(By the way, I've become addicted to Jason Kottke's webcam, as I am afflicted with, ehm, the Kottke Krush. I have a feeling that this borders on stalkerish, but he wouldn't have put it up if he didn't want people looking at it, right? Right? Ah well, how embarrassing--but this too shall pass. Now I'm off to check what Kottke's doing right this minute. Oh, just sitting there looking cute. Aww.)

Oh, and hey: Two men walked into a bar. Ouch. (hehe)


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