Thursday, February 17, 2005

Everyone loves homoeroticism, and other stories

Listening to Radio 4’s Absolute Affirmation.

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This is part of the big ol’ Gauguin poster I have hanging in my room. I love it.

I feel really sluggish today, like all I really want to do is watch a trashy movie and eat soup. I’d like to get into my pajamas. But alas, I have to read a hundred pages before I’m off to Religion class for a couple hours, then I need to prepare for an English debate and study for Spanish and French tests. Oh me. Vacation…so…soon…

Ah yes, vacation. I have next week off from school so you can expect…me to be doing better things than blogging. Alright, I will try to post when I can, but I’m going to New York (the Gates, MoMA, colleges, etc.) with my family from Sunday to Wednesday, and I’m also sending my iBook off for repairs next week. Just a warning, oh loyal fans who have lately been less-than-pleased with my blogging flakiness.

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In English today our teacher let us vote on which book we would read next; she had lined up eight books (The Merchant of Venice, The Tempest, Silas Marner, Heart of Darkness, Tess of the D’Urbervilles, Jane Eyre, Hard Times, and The Picture of Dorian Gray) along the chalkboard and written a bit above each one. A few people unenthusiastically raised their hands, but there tended to be only two or three votes per book at best… Then we came to The Picture of Dorian Gray, above which Ms. B. had written “Full of irony and deceit. Plus homoeroticism!”—almost every hand in the classroom flew up. It was hilarious.

Listening to the New Pornographers’s Electric Version. I really like the New Pornographers (Mass Romantic more so than The Electric Version, but eh), but that’s an awkward band to admit liking if you’re talking to someone who isn’t into indie rock and such. “No, I don’t like pornography!” I’ll explain. “But you just said—” “Nevermind, yes, I am a pornographer.” “Oh…” Gets ‘em every time.

Incidentally, I was reading in my science textbook yesterday that a land mass can actually sink into the sea if the aquifer below it is pumped out of the porous rock. I love the idea that Atlantis might really have existed… It also reminds me of the equally terrible and fantastic phenomenon currently going on in Venice; it too is physically sinking!

Remember how the other day I was talking about Neverwhere and the secret underground city in Paris? I forgot to mention that I wrote a story along those lines about a year ago…well, I plotted out a story and wrote about 10 or 15 pages of it. I had just read Gaiman's Neverwhere and Helprin’s A Winter’s Tale, so it had a gang called the Blue Belts (their ruthless leader was called Bency Blue), a tattooed amnesiac orphan named Adam who was adopted by an underground harlequin troupe (which included a pair of Siamese twins!), and a tangled story of corrupted city officials and spy-seagulls who could talk to the sea merchants. I wonder why I abandoned it…?

Now I have to go read my Religion textbooks, but if I have time I may update later today. I feel like—wait for it, wait for it—expounding on politics. But that’s a big topic, so it may have to wait for another day.


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