Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Everybody do the propaganda!

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This is all the college propaganda that came today alone. I have a crate in my room that I toss it all in--I wonder how long I can go without sorting through any of it?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Colleges are still sending me junk, months after the deadlines passed! Those poor, poor trees! It's ridiculous. My dad says that each student is a mini-corporation, and, thus, is treated as such. It think it's simply looney.

Organizing brochures is fun, though! It's the ONLY kind of organizing that's fun. And isn't it the best to rip papers in half that you don't want? It's so rewarding? Just make sure you abandon them into the recycling as opposed to the garbage. Those poor trees!

- Avital

P.S. And I'm not even that much of a tree-hugger! This is simply absurd!

1:14 PM  
Blogger Shakeer said...

No, don't rip them, just save them all for a huge bonfire once you're done with the entire college process.

9:33 PM  
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