Saturday, February 19, 2005

The Big Sleep

Last night--er, “last night”--I slept for an embarrassingly long, record-breakingly long time. Suffice to say that I lay down on the couch for a nap early in the afternoon, and I woke up later to find the house (and the view outside) pitch-black and silent. This was, needless to say, extremely confusing initially, because not only was I groggy--having just woken up--but I had no idea what time it was. Nine o’clock? Ten? Four in the morning? I stumbled out to the kitchen to find that it was about two o’clock, and that I had stood up some friends I was supposed to meet. Too. Tired. To. Care. I went back to the couch and went out like a light.

Then this morning (at a time closer to the afternoon than the morning, really), I woke up in my own bed--no idea how I got there--and realized that this is the longest time I’ve slept in all one stretch, including when I’m sick. This probably has something to do with the fact that I’ve gotten about four hours of sleep a night for the past two weeks… Thank goodness vacation is finally here.

Speaking of which, I will be off in New York with my family from Sunday to Wednesday, so I obviously won’t be posting then. However, the idea of being Without Internet for four days is inordinately upsetting to me; the last time this happened, I ended up dragging my family to an Apple store where I ecstatically appropriated one of the computers for a half an hour.

On an entirely different note, I finished Jekyll and Hyde (what an ! of a book) yesterday and began Dorian Gray. I always end up reading madly over vacations—making up for lost time, as it were. But now I have to vacuum, and mop the floor, and do a massive-overhaul-of-a-cleaning on my bedroom. Oh, and eat (what is this world coming to if I’m forgetting to eat?!), and do the laundry, and shower, and dress, all before 1:00 when I need to be at the hospital. I hate Saturday-morning-cleaning. Woe is me. But it’s vacation!


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