Saturday, February 05, 2005

Anything Goes, hospital flashes

Listening to Neil Young’s Rocking in the Free World.

Last night I went to our school’s big annual musical; this year it was a production of Anything Goes. I have to admit that I went in with low expectations--mostly I was just showing up to congratulate my friends who are in it—but it was outrageously good. Among other things, the 2 1/2 hour play included an Austin-Powers-esque British accent, tap-dancing in heels, and shirtless boys. Like I said: outrageously good. (Oh yes, in addition, my beloved Spanish teacher Mr. D. was playing percussion in the orchestra. I saw my friend Lauren a few rows over but we couldn’t hear one another over the din. “Look at Mr. D!” I mouthed. “Rock!”)

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I just returned from volunteering at the hospital (that's how cool kids spend their Saturdays), and it was so busy that I literally did not sit down the entire time. In addition to this unwelcome physical exertion, I found out just how uncomfortable it is when sagging old men in johnnies accidentally flash you...from the front and from behind...again and again. Whenever this happened I would pretend not to notice and I'd avert my eyes, but the fact that I was blushing madly probably gave away my intense embarrassment. Oh my.

Well, I have about a thousand things to do this weekend, so this must be another short post. I'm sort of loath to do that xanga-ish quiz thing, but I may fill it out for tomorrow. We'll see.


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