Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Tying up loose ends, suicide jokes, Will Eisner, V for Vendetta movie, Alias, Susan Sontag postscript (the liberal media?), hypocrisy in politics

Things are looking up. I'm sorry to have been posting so much tedious personal-related things lately, especially since many of them have been depressing. Everyone has enough problems of their own without reading about mine! That said, I feel like I should tie up a few loose ends.

Regarding the dizzy-spells-brain-tumor-scare, things are still inconclusive. I have an appointment with a cardiologist (?) coming up, but the dizziness has become MUCH less frequent in the past couple of weeks, so I'm inclined to think that it is probably just a virus that has culminated and is now winding down. If it does turn out to be nothing, I'm sorry for over-dramatizing everything; nevertheless, thanks for your thoughts.

And concerning my sister... I don't know. She seems better, normal at least, but WHO KNOWS? My theory is just that her dread of going back to school after break caused her to become mentally unstable. Poor kid. And since she was having suicidal thoughts, for the past few days I've been trying to skirt the topic of death in conversation.

It's a little worrying to find out just how many times during a given day I make jokes about suicide. Yesterday I stopped myself once but twice I said the jokes without thinking. One was regarding Harold & Maude (see, suicide IS funny!) and the other was some inane comment about how "cide" should be a word meaning "death" or "to kill" because of suicide, homocide, fratricide, etc. Anyway, I should get a handle on that.

Whew, it's nice to get all that done with. Now, on with more interesting topics.

Will Eisner died. I've only recently become more interested in comics and graphic novels, so I've never read anything by him, but it still seems like the world lost a great mind. He was 87, and he was still going strong. He coined the terms "sequential art" and "graphic novel" and he inspired countless others all over the world. The Eisner awards are named for him, of course, so in that way among many others, his legacy will be carried on. (Wow, between Eisner and Sontag, I've been talking a lot about legacy lately. I hope I have one.)

Speaking of comics, I'm sure you guys remember that near the beginning of winter break I read Alan Moore's graphic novel V for Vendetta. Well, in that way that once you hear of something once, all of a sudden you hear of it everywhere, I read a few days ago that Vendetta is being adapted into a movie (screenplay written by the Wachowski brothers of Matrix fame). Today I found out that Natalie Portman has been cast as Evey (though her acting generally tends to be a little too cutesy-vulnerable for me, that will work to her advantage in playing Evey) and filming is scheduled to begin in March for a release in Autumn. Sounds like it's on the fast track, hot on the heels of Batman and Sin City. While I'm thinking of it, I'll re-link to the very cool-noir-looking Sin City trailer that I mentioned a while ago.

Incidentally, the (massively bloated) 2-hour season premier for Alias is on tonight. I have rather low expectations, but I want to give it a chance in case it's reincarnated phoenix-like from the ashes of its Season 3 ruins. Wait--let me backtrack. I'm a faithful Alias fan. My whole family really liked it when we starting watching it in Season 2; there was action, drama, romance, and some awesome wigs. Over the summer, we even Netflix-ed Season 1 and liked it very much as well. Then Season 3 happened. It started off lukewarm, and went downhill from there. The already-slightly-ridiculous Rambaldi plotline (I don't feel like summarizing it; just let it be said that Rambaldi was a mystical prophet from long ago who hid clues about his inventions, and lots of government agencies really want certain Rambaldi artifacts) took on a greater role. Vaughn (that's the cute CIA guy) wouldn't break up with Lauren (who's evil) and get together with Sydney (Jennifer Garner, the heroine) even though we all know they love one another. Plus, by this point all of Sydney's friends have been killed off or put into witness-protection, so there's no comic relief or chatty non-spy-talk. Ach. So, it was bad. And it ended with a cliff-hanger that was purposely open-ended so that the show's writers could figure out what the hell they were going to do with the terrible plot over the summer.

So, thus, I have low expectations for the season premier. I'll watch three episodes of Season 4 and if I'm not gripped--I mean GRIPPED--by then, I'm giving it up. Also, I can no longer stand The OC. So TV's bad, but that's nothing new. Sorry to bore you, I can't help but rant when something good becomes bad. It's the TV equivalent of The Matrix...just quit while you're ahead, already.

We shall see. Before I leave, I want to mention a postscript regarding Susan Sontag's death. I find it very interesting that NONE of the obits I've read (in the NY Times, New Yorker, Newsweek, etc.) have mentioned her long-term relationship with Annie Leibovitz. Um. How do you just IGNORE something like that? Not only is Leibovitz a well-recognized name in her own right, but such a relationship was clearly important in Sontag's life and thus worthy of at least ONE SENTENCE in ONE of her many obituaries.

How goddamn hypocrytical that these supposedly liberal newspapers--especially the New Yorker, which always has a blatantly liberal bias, a constant extollation of thespianism (how many words did I make up in THAT sentence?), and an allegedly progressive mindset--are still unaccepting and, frankly, homophobic, enough that they would not even write a few words about this clearly significant aspect of Sontag's life? What the hell?

I've noticed this trend elsewhere, as well. In my school, for instance, the vast majority of students (most of whom never read a newspaper and probably couldn't have named even one of Kerry's or Bush's proposed policies during the election) are quite vocally Democratic--a result, I presume, of having grown up with their parents constantly trumpeting the many virtues of liberalism. Yet so many of their actions and ideas suggest Republicanism: lots of subtle homophobia; anti-government-intervention; and definitely pro-laissez-faire, capitalism, and business where the only rule is do-as-you-please. Hello, future Republicans of America. Ah well, I guess the political scene is full of people who don't say what they mean. I hope I don't have to get used to it.

As for myself, politically, well... I agree with Republican ideas about business and general government, but I prefer Democratic beliefs in personal freedoms. I wish we would abolish the antiquated 2-party system so that our leaders could, like myself, hold beliefs not dictated as one-set-or-the-other. We'll see. I guess if I needed to catergorize myself I would be Libertarian. If I had been 18 this past election, I would have voted for Bush just because I believe that Kerry would have pulled the troops out of Iraq (whether or not we should be in Iraq in the first place is of course a whole different tangent, for another day) and left the poor Iraqis with their government and their homes in shambles. I think that things are better this way, if not best.

And dinner is ready. That's my longest post in a while; I'm sorry it hasn't many links (maybe just one), but I don't have the time today to plug them all in. Before I leave, let me tell you these words: quidnunc, antediluvian, histrionic, wunderkammer, and teetotal. Enjoyeth yourselves, oh my little brothers (where's THAT from?). Goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You type too much. :-P

-Cameron Conner aka desk003

12:28 AM  
Blogger T.C. said...

Sorry for the excess. I hope it didn't descend to the point of drivel towards the end... I have a feeling it might have, as tends to be the case when I start ranting about the uninformed political views of my classmates. In general, my posts tend towards too short rather than too long. Ach.

9:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

-cide as such cimes from Latin "caedo" which means I kill or I maim, or occasionally, I slaughter. So your joke was wellfounded. Art imitates life.

1:20 AM  

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