Friday, January 14, 2005

Neil quote, best covers, ugly rock stars, and other miscellany

Here's a great quote from Neil Gaiman that I've been meaning to post for a while: "Life is a disease; it's sexually transmitted and fatal."

Ha. Oh, just enjoy it. Generally I'm not a big quoter but hey, just another reason for me to be obsessed with Neil. (If you, perchance, are NOT, go read his blog and his books and then you too will love him.)

Right now I'm listening to the Flaming Lips cover of Neil Young's terrific song After the Gold Rush. Which brings me to the list of the covers. And I want you all to comment with your favorite covers as well. Here it is:

1. Joss Stone's cover of the White Stripes's Fell in Love With a Girl (she sounds like one of those old rich-voiced black singers, and she's a blonde teenager from England I think)
2. Billie Holiday's Summertime (from Porgy and Bess--one of the best songs ever)
3. Rufus Wainwright's cover of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah
4. Jimi Hendrix's cover of Bob Dylan's All Along the Watchtower (I love Dylan, but the cover is ten times better than the original)
5. Tori Amos's cover of Neil Young's Heart of Gold (though it's aggressively bad the first few times you hear's intense)

There, I kept the list short. And a cover-that's-not-a-cover is the Flaming Lips song Fight Test. Which I love, by the way. But a while ago I was listening to Cat Stevens and I heard this great song Father and Son and it seemed...familiar. So I listened to it again and again and I realized that Fight Test is just this song, sped up and with different lyrics. And with Wayne Coyne's wild voice, of course. But anyway, footnote.)

Oh, another quote I just remembered: "The brain: an apparatus with which we think we think." That was...Aristotle, I think. Hah, I think, get it?

Incidentally, I cooked dinner tonight: cajun shrimp and mushrooms on brown rice. It was dee-lish, if I do say so myself. I really like cooking; I put on music, line up all the spices, and then I like that hectic business with all the kneading or stirring or beating or what-have-you. Though then I don't have an excuse to complain about how late dinner is, heh.

On a bad note, colleges. The school and my parents keep saying I need to start thinking about these things, but I really don't want to. I mean, my only criteria (thus far) are that the school be academically rigorous, be small-to-midsized, have a good English and art department, and be located relatively far from home. About half the colleges in those Princeton and Fiske books fit those criteria. So, um, any ideas?

Randomly, have you guys heard of that pogo stick that bounces five feet in the air? That sounds insanely great and really really scary at the same time. But yeah, I think you can buy it via

Listening to I Don't Wanna Fight by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Not to be shallow, but Tom Petty is possibly the ugliest man I've ever seen. But I love ugly rockers; they need to rock to assert their coolness and display their angst to the world in neat melodies. That's my theory: all good rock music stems from teenage boys ruing their ugliness, and spending their lonely nights polishing their guitar skills. Ouch, that's mean (I jest, I jest). But seriously, think of the Who. Jeff Tweedy's not exactly a sex god. Tom Petty and ALL the Heartbreakers. The Ramones. Bruce Springsteen's not ugly at all, but note that line, "I want to change my clothes, my hair, my face!" Poor boy.

Why can I never think of anything interesting to write about when I'm at the computer? ONLY when I'm in the shower, dammmit... Oh, anyone know how to post pictures in a free blogger account? A while ago I fiddled around with posting them via Flickr, but all I managed was to make the pictures individual posts and they were squished on the right side of the column. But being able to post pics rather than link would be nice for things like THIS t-shirt. Such hipster arrogance, I love it. (Only ironically, of course, of course.)

Speaking of irony, I have two unrelated comments about that. One is this needlepoint that I totally MADE (that's right, T.C. actually broke out the craft supplies and made something. While watching movies, of course). The other I just completely forgot. I guess I got so excited about the needlepoint that I couldn't go on. Ah well, that's a good point with which to end.

Irony is not dead. And to all a good night.


Blogger Shakeer said...

You do your best thinking in the shower, eh? Yeah, know what that's like! I do my best thinking in bed when I'm trying to fall asleep and know that if I turn on a light to write stuff down, I'll just have wasted precious minutes of trying-to-fall-asleep time and will have to spend more time trying to earn that time back. And then the next day, when I'm sitting at my computer trying to write stuff, I can remember that I had some great thought the night before but can't remember what the thought itself was.

"Between the click of the light and the start of the dream!" Thats from a song by The Arcade Fire, a band that's been really tickling my fancy this year. I'm guessing you'll probably like them (if you already don't) since you like much of the music I do (or I like much of the music you do, whichever you please).

Oh and another time when I think up interesting thinks is while driving, which also isn't the best time to be writing stuff down!

Anyway, for some reason, I think I like the Dylan version of AATW better. And also, I think there are uglier people in rock music. Take Radiohead for example:

Then again, I can't tell if they're really ugly or just really British. Bit of both most likely. "Ambition makes you look pretty ugly." That's Radiohead. Gosh I've gotta stop thinking in music quotes.


9:54 PM  
Blogger T.C. said...

You're terrific! Yeah, I love the Arcade Fire, and yes, bed is when my most ingenious story ideas and revelations come forth...or at least I think so (hah). And no, Hendrix's AATW is better.

I love music quotes, though they never do seem to have that same ring when they're said in a normal voice, but if I try to sing the line it just mangles them further. Ah well.

--T.C. (oh, I just thought of Neil Young. Also very ugly and terrific.)

2:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, I enjoyed reading your blog. What is T.C. short for?

-Franklin Brown

12:09 AM  
Blogger T.C. said...

I'll never tell.

9:45 AM  

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