Thursday, January 27, 2005

Kandinsky, Araby, "beat it" t-shirt, Lord of the Rings in WWII, B.'s depression, short story

Today in school a friend showed me her Spanish poster; it had pictures and information on both sides, to my surprise. "Oh!" I exclaimed, "it's like one of those double-sided Kandinskys!" "Uh..." she replied, giving me a blank look. And I'm just thinking to myself, Oh god, I can't believe I just compared her mediocre poster to a Kandinsky painting!

(Here's one of my favorite Kandinsky paintings)

I just read a few short stories by James Joyce (from Dubliners), my favorite of which was Araby. Here's a bit:

"But my body was like a harp and her words and gestures were like fingers running upon the wires."

Taut. (Oh, the punniness is overwhelming.)

Also, I've just realized that I will fall in love with anyone who plays and sings Here Comes the Sun to me. I will just melt.

Hm. Also, I'm going to use my awesome t-shirt-constructing skills (remember when I made that Edward Gorey tank-top?) by ironing onto the front a big picture of Allen Ginsberg (or Jack Kerouac or Neal Cassady) and on the back write, "Allen Ginsberg wants you to beat it!" It will be terrific. It will also be terrific to walk around and have people wonder why I have an ugly bearded man plastered across my chest. "Uh, is he like in a band or something?" Perhaps I will make it this weekend. I think I may at some point set up a Cafepress store and sell a bit of my genius (heh); Cafepress IS a bit of a rip-off, but would anyone be interested?

And we just began studying World War II in History, so today we were talking about communism and fascism and whatnot. My teacher was saying that much of Hitler's rise to power in Germany was because he was such a skillful, charismatic speaker. He even subsidized the prices of radios in Germany so that all the people could be won over (coughindoctrinated) by his speeches. And I tried to stop myself, but I couldn't. Resistance was futile: it needed to be said. So I raised my hand and told my class that in the Lord of the Rings books, Saruman--like Hitler--has a voice that casts a spell over and persuades all but the strongest minds, and that's where much of his power stems from. The entire class and my teacher looked at me, wildly unimpressed. Uh. Then my teacher went back to lecturing and THAT WAS THAT. (Oh, they think they've heard the last of the LotR-WWII connections. But they have not. I will keep on bringing them up again, and again, and again.)

On a more somber note, one of the many things that has been wrong lately is my little sister. Her depression medicine stopped working and she's sunk into a severe, serious depression; she can barely get up in the morning, can't focus, just sleeps most of the time and watches some TV. I don't know if she's still feeling suicidal like she was before, cannot imagine how scary that is. She's the most important thing in the world to me, I love her so much. And I try to be cheerful but what's wrong with her isn't a BAD MOOD, it's hormones and chemicals and neurological problems. I can't ever seem to cheer her up, and she seems so hopeless all the time. She's only 14.

In other, brighter news: I'm working on a short story (yes, ANOTHER one) and perhaps I will post it here when it's done. I thought of it (it has a weird premise) when I was looking through my Moleskine from a while back and I came across two Milton passages I had scrawled in it:

"O what a multitude of thoughts at once
Awakened in me swarm, while I consider
What from within I feel myself, and hear
What from without comes often to my ears,
Ill sorting with my present state compared!"


"Yet this not all
To which my spirit aspired. Victorious deeds
Flamed in my heart, heroic acts..."

Oh, and tomorrow is my last day of gym for the whole year! This excites me beyond belief: no more going to class sweaty and, more importantly, no more needless physical exertion. This non-gym semester is already looking better than the last one.


Blogger Steve Silberman said...

It will also be terrific to walk around and have people wonder why I have an ugly bearded man plastered across my chest.Allen was "ugly"? I thought he was cute. :)

3:17 PM  
Blogger T.C. said...

Steve Silberman! As in, the-Steve-Silberman-who-writes-for-Wired-magazine. Just click his name. It's true. A Wired writer commented on my little ole blog--coincidence or what? Trust me, he has celebrity status in my mind. Wow. Deep breath.

4:17 PM  
Blogger Shakeer said...

I'd so dig that t-shirt (hey, this reminds me of another t-shirt I thought up one day during class, that says something like "Do you like worms? Well I dig 'em." Actually, I think it was an idea for a play or short film, not a t-shirt. But it'd make a nice t-shirt.) Anyway, I'd buy it. (Be careful when looking for Ginsberg pictures on Google though...he's been in some pretty interesting photoshoots in his days.)

Also, when I did that LOTR marathon this past weekend, I kept making all these WWII analogies (and there certainly are alot). Everyone kept getting annoyed and a friend pointed out (repeatedly) that in the foreword to the books, Tolkien explains that he detests analogy and that nothing in the books is designed to represent actual history (not his precise words). I got the message but drawing parallels is still quite fun.

9:04 PM  
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