Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Jason Kottke's Audioscrobbler, shoveling (still), Spanish presentation, tulpa

Wow, two posts in one day. Before I forget: Jason Kottke has gotten an Audioscrobbler account and, oh, another reason to love him, he listens to copious amounts of indie rock. He's such a cute geek. Hm, and speaking of which, right now I'm listening to the Killers's Indie Rock 'n' Roll. I don't care what anyone says about the Killers--that is one good song. That was what reminded me of Kottke.

We got eight more inches of snow today, which my sister and I had to shovel. My shoulders are rather sore from so much shoveling lately, but if this snow keeps up through February, I'm going to have ARM MUSCLES. What a foreign concept. I actually don't mind shoveling at all. It was in the 20's--which is pretty warm compared to the subzero windiness we've had lately--so I was just out there in my Beatles t-shirt, my jeans soaking from the knees down, listening to Gang of Four on the old 'Pod. It was nice, even if my arms are now reduced to Jell-O.

And in other Boring News of T.C.'s Life, today I finally did my big Spanish presentation (sobre la mitologia Azteca, claro), which I've been really nervous about. I get nervous and blush-y doing presentations in ENGLISH, so Spanish presentations are twice the anxiety. I got into the rhythm of it, though, and I didn't say things too fast or mangle anything--I even pronounced all those crazy Aztec god names (like Itztlacoliuhqui-Ixquimilli and Macuilcozcacuauhtli) correctly!--and, because he grades the presentations in real time (heh) I already got my grade. 95. Yes, and it's worth two tests. Take that, Mexican-history-test-that-was-threatening-to-bring-down-my-average. Take. That.

Oh, and the word of the day is tulpa, "a being or object which is created through sheer willpower alone." That's right. In addition, "Alexandra David-Neel claimed to have created a tulpa in the image of a jolly, Friar Tuck-like monk which later developed a life of its own and had to be destroyed." Oh, how I love the English language. (And how I love the image of a "jolly, Friar Tuck-like monk" turning into a rampaging psychopath.)


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