Sunday, January 23, 2005

Blizzard update, Bowie in Portuguese

Listening to the Beta Band's Dry the Rain. That's one of my ultimate sedative songs, the other top one being Beck's The Golden Age. The moment I hear it, all the muscles in my body relax--it's quite odd.

Anyway, blizzard update. Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney has declared an official "state of emergency" and all over the place people are drawing comparisons with the notorious Blizzard of '78. We've been getting maybe four inches an hour all night and it's still coming down, with no sign of abating. Some of the drifts are giant. Even our intrepid newspaper-deliverer, Carlos Santos, did not drop off the Times and the Globe this morning, a sure sign of dire straits. I was forced to read the paper and the Times magazine online, gasp. Outside, our car is just a white lump in a white field. Our deck is so covered that it just blends in with the lawn. When my dad was walking my dogs this morning, little Jack (a Norfolk Terrier--he's only eight pounds!) sunk entirely into the snow. The plow has yet to come, and some schools in the area have already canceled school for Monday AND Tuesday. Yowzers.

Last night my sister and I baked chocolate-chip cookies, so mostly we've been subsisting on those and soup. It's excellent.

Ah, and right now I'm listening to music from the Life Aquatic soundtrack--Bowie in Portuguese, sung by Seu Jorge; it's incredible. And oh my, a big wind just came and our whole house actually shook.

I'm just glad we went to the grocery store and library YESTERDAY. Though I wish we'd stopped off at the video store--I could have had a Hitchcock marathon or something. I'll probably just end up re-watching Amelie or Spirited Away or whatnot. I love this.


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