Sunday, December 12, 2004

The Scissor Sisters, The Crying of Lot 49, Urchin Fare, trailers, "What is a ho"

Yesterday was very busy. Chores, volunteering at Emerson, then babysitting. Today is for reading the paper, doing homework, and celebrating my dad's birthday.

Last night on SNL (Colin Farrell hosting--wow is that guy un-funny) I saw the Scissor Sisters perform; they're very Elton John disco-ish and whimsical. I was especially amused by the outrageously flamboyant frontman and his falsetto. Whew. I like the SS's, though--there's nobody like them around and god knows U2 takes itself too seriously.

Yesterday I also read Pynchon's The Crying of Lot 49; it reminded me a lot of Vonnegut, with the crazy names (Oedipa Maas the intrepid detective? Pierce Inverarity the shady ex-boyfriend? Genghis Cohen the philatelist? Dr. Hilarius the shrink who goes mad...?) and its irreverent, so-unbelievable-it's-believable mystery plotline. Short, too. When I went to the libary and looked at the P's I was initially intending to read Gravity's Rainbow, but since most of the books I've read recently have been fat ones and GR is certainly obese, I decided to ease myself into Pynchon with Lot 49. So. It gives you a nice feeling of accomplishment to finish a book in a day.

Speaking of books, I feel I ought to mention that I've posted what exists thusfar of my story Urchin Fare (inspired by this 1997 Miami New Times article) on FictionPress. So go read it; leave a review. Hopefully I'll be updating it regularly, though I unfortunately have not been good about updating The Hidden City. Ah well.

I also just watched trailers for Tim Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (looks shivery-creepy. But we do love Johnny), The War of the Worlds (looks terrible--Tom Cruise? Gimme a break), and Constantine (oh Keanu, you are so not a superhero--The Matrix was not good because of you, it was good DESPITE you). And I rewatched Wes's The Life Aquatic trailer (still looks terrif). Incidentally, I also saw a clip of Ken Jennings on Jeopardy: the answer was something like "This gardening tool is also a name for a person of questionable morals." Ken said, "What is a ho"--hah!--and got it wrong. The correct answer was "What is a rake." Oh, I'm still giggling, heh.

Bye all; I hope you don't freeze off your extremities as we fast approach the shortest day of the year. Christmas soon!


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