Wednesday, December 22, 2004

New York City, college in the city?

Listening to the Rolling Stones's Ruby Tuesday.

I want to live in New York City so much. On New Year's Eve, in Madison Square Garden, there is going to be a concert by Wilco and the Flaming Lips. If I had my license (I'm still stuck with my learner's permit, dammit!), I would drive to New York for the concert. I'm such a groupie. Ah well... I definitely want to live in NYC when I grow up (though I don't know how I'd ever afford it--I'll probably end up living in Chinatown), but I'm still not sure whether or not I want to go to college in the city. I have to admit, I do like the idea of a green-grass-and-old-brick-building college with kids playing frisbee and studying on the grass. Very few city campuses are set up like that.

The battery on my computer is on 1% now, so I must go. Just wanted to post that before I forgot (it seemed more urgent when I thought about it before...).


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