Monday, December 27, 2004

A morning post

Sorry, but this must be a quick post. It snowed yesterday (the day AFTER Christmas--argh!) and this morning I bundled up to go shovel. My sister's still asleep, my mom's at work, and my brother's watching cartoons (he's almost 19!). This morning I slept in till nine, made myself a toast-and-fried-egg-and-cheddar-cheese sandwich and had a nice big mug of creamy coffee. Fattening, huh. Ah well, at least I don't drink copious amounts of eggnog like my brother T. does; since eggnog's essentially cream, sugar, and egg, it has 200 calories for a four-ounce serving (maybe T. will finally gain the freshman 15). Then I read more of Alan Moore's excellent V for Vendetta (why aren't graphic novels more popular?) and now here I am. But I've got lots to do today, so I must be off. Adios.


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