Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas!

Ah, Christmas.

My family and I celebrated Christmas Eve at my Grandma's house with my step-grandfather and his extended family. Near the end of the evening my sister and I invented the game of Iruno--that is, Uno played with a normal deck of cards (ours happen to have pictures of Ireland on them, heh). Then my step-grandfather was very drunk and it was TIME TO GO. On the way home, we listened to Wilco and made up alternate, Christmas-y lyrics to all the songs ("All I could see was red and green and green and white and Christmas trees and candlelight...").

This morning's chronology of events reminded me of how much we kids have changed over the years; in the past, we'd be up at the crack of dawn, jumping all over my parents' bed so that we could go downstairs and rip open our presents. This morning we all slept in till 10:00 before getting our coffee and the traditional bagels-with-cream-cheese-and-salmon. Yummm.

Then stockings. Um. My mom clearly decided to do our stockings this year, because they were filled with all sorts of oddments. The first things I pulled out were a variety of socks and a can of shaving cream. Then, happily, I found what appeared to be a bag of Tootsie-Roll type candies. "Oh, thanks for the candy!" I say. "No," my mom corrects me, "those are Calcium Chews." Yuck. Ha. Only my mom's odd sense of humor...

Presents were nice. I liked seeing everybody unwrap the gifts I got for them, and I certainly liked unwrapping my own. Clearly my family knows that I love music: my aunt gave me a big pack of blank CD-R's and a CD case, my parents gave me one of those big speakers you plug your iPod into, and Santa Claus gave me a Neil Young CD and a 2-CD set of Motown music. Kewl. I also got a bunch of books: Thomas Pynchon's V, a book about Van Gogh, and a big Art History book. My sister gave me a watch. Sneakers and a cool Astronomy kit from my parents, and lots of chocolate (much of which I've already ingested). Plus money from the various cousins, which I'm going to put into the Trip-to-Paris fund. And, OF COURSE, the long-awaited and highly-anticipated Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (LotR-RotK, as I like to abbreviate it. To be pronounced Lotter-rot-key) EXTENDED EDITION. I've been watching it in fragments all afternoon and evening, and it's fabulous. B. and I have decided that Aragorn's motto should be "I'm Aragorn; I'm awesome!" said in a silly voice. We vocalize this quite a lot, to my parents' amusement and chagrin.

One way or another, I realize how lucky I am to belong to such a caring, comfortable family. Everyone knew me well enough to get me gifts that I'd really love, and we had the means to put lots of presents under the tree. A couple months ago I told my family that I didn't care if we didn't have presents (and I wouldn't have; just the Christmas spirit and chocolate and vacation from school makes me happy enough), but I'm quite happy to have them nonetheless. And hey, I actually did need shaving cream.

On another bright note, my dizzy spells have become less and less frequent over the past couple of days ever since I had an extremely painful headache on Thursday; I think perhaps the dizzy spells were tied to a virus that culminated with the headache and is presently petering off. I hope so; cross your fingers. If anyone prayed (I certainly did) or beamed me healthy thoughts during those couple of weeks where I worried that the root of the problem was neurological, I thank you profusely. There's still a chance that I could have something seriously wrong with me, but I'm hope-hope-hoping that the dizziness is coming to an end.

And merry Christmas. I wish that everyone were as fortunate as I am.


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