Friday, December 03, 2004

Lord of the Rings Monopoly, City magazine, holiday season, Snarkout, go Kottke go!,

Listening to the Goo Goo Dolls's Dizzy. God, I just can't take myself seriously when I say that band's name.

First off, randomly, don't you want one of these Lord of the Rings Monopoly games? Would it be weird and slightly pathetic if I made one of my own? Maybe I should make a Harry Potter Monopoly or something...ach, I'm a loser.

Oh, and I found something else to add to my Christmas list: a subscription to City Magazine. I know no one will get it for me, so I'll probably just end up buying it myself. I don't really care about presents, though. It's enough of a present to have vacation from school, to see my brother, to have a piney-smelling Christmas tree and a toasty fire, and to see my mom happy and relaxed. I love the whole winter holiday season--it seems to me that it extends from Halloween to Valentines Day.

I also found a follow-up to the Miami folklore article on the veddy cool Snarkout blog--read it.

And it seems that Kottke is still going strong, so I've still got my fingers crossed but I'm grinning. Ha, Sony! Bloggers are undaunted by your feeble attempts at intimidation!

As I listen to the Super Furry Animals's Hello Sunshine; it's like a modern take on the Beatles's Here Comes the Sun.

And there's not much else to say today. I'm off to work on my own homemade Irony Is Not Dead needlepoint (I know--I'm a plagiarizer) and write things for the 'zine. Heh. Bye guys; have a great weekend and stay cheerful even though it's getting to be that gloomy time of year. Think Christmas trees; think Kottke fighting back; think Hello Sunshine--in fact, think of the fact that there are actually bands called the Goo Goo Dolls and the Super Furry Animals...and the fact that people love them despite their goofy names! (Sorry for the excessive un-T.C.-like exclamation points. Ciao.)


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