Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Harry and the Potters, Sin City trailer, other HP oddments

Listening to Harry and the Potters's Wizard Chess. I literally cannot stop laughing.

Who ARE Harry and the Potters, you ask? It's a band made up of two teenagers who dress like HP and play terrible music related to the books. I LOVE IT! You can look at the site here--especially check out the merch; I'm getting this Harry and the Potter t-shirt for myself and E. for Christmas, yay!

I also saw this trailer for Sin City and the movie looks doubleplusgood. An all-star cast, too--and didn't that shot of Elijah Wood scare you? Anyway, I don't think it's coming out for a while.

I could write more but I want to show the Harry and the Potters site to my dad and brother. Heh-heh. Oh, and JKR updated the News and Rumors sections of her website. And, since I'm already rhapsodizing about HP-related things, I should also mention that within hours of the HP 6 release date announcement (which means that online pre-orders opened up), the book was the #1 seller on and Barnes and Noble. Whoa. So bye all, have a great Christmas--I'll try to update later today if I have time.


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