Thursday, December 30, 2004

Garden State, Peter Sarsgaard, book beauty

Too late to post. Don't know why I'm posting.

Er, listening to Elton John's Rocket's a sleepy sort of song.

I just watched Garden State. It was sweet, but I felt like it was one inch away from being really special; I don't know, it had so many great moments but it lacked some sort of cohesion. It's the difference between a movie that you remember you liked and one that you like to remember.

Speaking of Garden State, I really like Peter Sarsgaard--why is he always the sidekick or the best friend? He was great in Shattered Glass, and in GS. He's also supposed to be the best part of Kinsey... Ah well, I guess he'll come into his own, in time.

I was rather lazy today. Did some homework, read, listened to music, talked with my family. I'm one of the only people I know who genuinely likes spending time with her (or his) family. I can sit with one of them (though the more of us you throw together, the more interesting the conversation. Three cheers for clashing viewpoints and heated debates!) and talk for hours. It's nice; I'm happy and I'm lucky, and I know it.

Oh god, the Stiff Little Fingers's Alternative Ulster just came on from iTunes and it jarred me out of my peaceful mindset. Argh. I don't even know what an ulster is.

Happy New Year. Book suggestions for me, anyone?--I'm always interested and I almost always follow up. Books are magic; I pity the illiterate. But since you're reading this, you obviously ARE literate, so shame on you if there isn't a book on your nightstand. And hey, not to shamelessly plug myself, but if you want an idea of what I'VE been reading lately, you can look at my bare-bones book site here.


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