Friday, December 03, 2004

Free fanzine, blogger Kottke sued

I'm so sorry that I've been neglecting this blog for the past few days; I was very busy, then sick, and now semi-sick and busy again--argh. I should have a nice long post for you all tomorrow but for now I'll just say sister B. and I will probably be starting a free fanzine (not online--this'll be via the good old USPS) soon about music and books and politics and whatnot. It should be great and--not to o'erleap my goal or anything, but--it will definitely gain a cult following. Ha. Anyway, when I know a little more, anyone interested can sign up. It's going to be FREE and veddy cool. So keep on checking back or, if you're afraid you'll forget, post your mailing address (I repeat: NOT EMAIL) as a comment and I'll certainly put you on the list.

And there's not time for much else today. Except that one of my favorite bloggers, Jason Kottke, is being sued by Sony (I think) for posting the date and fatal question of the Ken Jennings Jeopardy loss a couple weeks before the show aired. He's being SUED...since when is a guy's personal blog JOURNALISM? And regardless, his post probably got THOUSANDS more people to tune in to Jeopardy on November 30th because they knew it was going to be exciting (Jeopardy = exciting, heh-heh)--so who, exactly, is losing here? Looks like a win-win situation to me, but what do I know. We'll see how it all turns out; if you get a moment, post a little support on his site--I know I'd appreciate it if I were in his position. And tell him NOT to abandon his blog! Bye all.


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