Saturday, January 01, 2005

Bowie's Changes, conversations with T., Milton, e e cummings, Star Wars rap, Six Degrees of Separation, books, Let Forever Be

Listening to David Bowie's Changes. AGAIN. I played it for my brother once (we were talking about music my mom hates) and now he's obsessed. He plays it on repeat and sings along in his horribly out-of-tune voice or, in places that he STILL doesn't know the words, he pretends to lip-synch (it looks like he's chewing with his mouth open). Ah well, I like it when he's silly. And I get to tease him about it.

Speaking of T. (my brother, that is), yesterday after I got Adium set up, I wanted to test it out so he and I IM-ed each other from different rooms in the house. In the course of that VERY ENLIGHTENING time, I found out that in addition to stealing my copy of Paradise Lost (he oh-so-helpfully DIDN'T tell me this while I was turning the house upside down a week ago looking for it), he also took my copy of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass off to college with him. So I am currently Milton-less and Carroll-less, and it is not a state that I like to be in.

I was also talking to him about e e cummings and he told me about his favorite cummings poem (T. reads POETRY?!), pity this busy monster,manunkind. It's really beautiful; read it.

Okay, you're back? So, ALSO in the course of this instant messenging, as we were talking about poetry, I told him that since he already HAS Paradise Lost, he ought to read it--some of the passages in there are unbelievable. He said they should make a movie of Paradise Lost...and Dante's Divine Comedy...and the Bible...all in one. Ach, he's such a goof. Gotta love him.

Just now, he changed the music from Bowie to some rap about Star Wars. It's funny and very, um, out-of-this-world; he made me read the lyrics while I listened because the rapper talks so fast--if you're interested, you can read them here. Heh.

So yeah, it's New Years Eve and I'm hanging out at home with my brother and sister. I'm a geek, but I love them. We just ate left-over salmon from the fridge and spiced pecan ice cream from Toscanini's (a fancy, AMAZING ice cream place in Harvard Square, Cambridge) and watched Six Degrees of Separation. I liked it, but I didn't love it; I kept on thinking that some other facet of the story was going to rear its head, but it never did. Nevertheless, there were some parts that were unforgettable, like the woman slapping hands with God in the Sistine Chapel. And I liked the Catcher-in-the-Rye speech, though it got a little ridiculous towards the end. Hm, so that's MY diagnosis.

Incidentally, I found two more books to add to my reading list: John Leland's Hip: a History and Shirley Hazzard's The Great Fire. If any of you have read one or both, tell me if it's worth reading.

Now I'm listening to the Chemical Brothers's Let Forever Be. It may be a techno song that was in The Matrix, but I still love it. There was this one line I never understood until I looked at the lyrics recently; it's "How does it feel like to be a crystal fiend"--um, whoops. Sorry, mates, I don't know what it feels like to be a crystal fiend.

But I DO know what it feels like "to breathe with everything." I like that.

Off now to do things. Happy New Year (though I wish I were at the Wilco-Flaming-Lips-Sleater-Kinney concert at Madison Square Garden tonigh. Ah well). Be safe!


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