Tuesday, December 14, 2004

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I'd just like to take a moment to relay the two best physical descriptions that I've read in the past...while.

Hemingway describes Brett in The Sun Also Rises: "She was built with curves like the hull of a racing yacht."

And Chabon describes Joe (Josef) in The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay: "[He had] wide-set blue eyes half a candle too animated by sarcasm to pass for dreamy."

As you might have inferred, my Amazon order of Kavalier and Clay came in the mail yesterday; I was obviously ecstatic. I've already read Part One and look forward to getting back to it--I sense that the grades on my Spanish and History tests tomorrow will suffer as a consequence, ah well. This is the kind of book that reminds me why I love reading so much.

Although I shouldn't say that like it's rare--I've read a lot of great books lately, most recently (and memorably) Neil Gaiman's American Gods and Thomas Pynchon's The Crying of Lot 49. This is why I want to be a writer.

It hit me yesterday why I love writing so much; unlike with math or science, in which you solve problems, when you're writing something you instantly (or, er, in a few hours) have the satisfied knowledge that you've just created something brand new, something nobody else could have created, something that wouldn't have existed if you hadn't sat down and written it. That's probably also why I like painting.

Speaking of writing, I wrote my essay on A Clockwork Orange yesterday--in Nadsat. My poor teacher's going to have a heart attack when she sees it; I might have to write a translation eventually.

Also, I was just looking at Newsweek and David Ansen lists his top-10 movies of the year (unlike many people, I actually enjoy top-10 lists). I don't think he'd mind me illegally reproducing it here (says the delinquent with a fiendish grin...)

1. Sideways
2. Before Sunset
3. Osama
4. Million Dollar Baby
5. Bad Education
6. The Aviator
7. Friday Night Lights
8. The Manchurian Candidate
9. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
10. Kinsey

Now, as a self-proclaimed film buff, I'm embarrassed to say that I've only seen two of those movies (Before Sunset and HP and the POA, both of which I loved). In my defense, Million Dollar Baby and The Aviator haven't come out yet, but still... Damn my suburb for not having an indie-movie theater nearby; I always have to make a big pilgrimage to see an indie film or I need to rent it. So.

Regarding the matter that I mentioned in my last post, I have a doctor's appointment today. I really hope everything's okay, and I've (guiltily) prayed a little bit--and all the while the practical side of me is saying, "Don't be silly, you're overreacting." I say guiltily praying because I tend to only pray when something's going wrong in my life, and not often enough when things are going right. Although I have always been very conscious of what a great life I have: a loving, trusting family; good health; a good brain; lots of food and a cosy, warm house; friends; and most importantly dreams and ambitions. No conclusions drawn from any of this mulling, though.

And before I go I'm going to list some of my goals for the upcoming year, just because I know I'll forget to put them down around New Year's time. So here they are:

1. Learn to play guitar
2. Make more time for painting and writing, plus...
3. Finish writing at least one of my books
4. Learn to read and write Arabic

So there you have it. Do you guys have any goals for the new year? Also, remember to think of what you're thankful for even when it isn't Thanksgiving. Help someone out this holiday season, because there's ALWAYS someone worse off than you. Teach a class at a prison (I wanted to do this, but I think I'm too young). Serve dinner at a homeless shelter (that's where I'll be New Year's Eve--ah well, I've never been much of a partyer). Go hold sick babies at a Hospital (they're BABIES!--you don't even need to be feeling charitable, they're so damn cute).

Anyway, I hope this post was a bit more upbeat than the last one. I think I should apply to this blog the golden rule of writing a college admission essay: Avoid the 3 D's, drugs, depression, and divorce. Er, and death, but I guess that fits in the "depressed" category. Ho ho ho, I still managed to end this on a bad note. Ach.


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