Monday, November 22, 2004

The wordy post

Here are some zany words for you people. These are the kinds of things I try to work into English essays just for a kick. When I wrote my Beowulf essay I incorporated words that you could only EVER legitimately use while writing about Beowulf--things like "fodder," "warmongering," and "bloodlust." Yeah, I love it when I can stick in a funny word and wonder what my teacher's going to think of THAT one. Alright, here are a few (definitions abridged from or Wikipedia):

gotterdammerung--a turbulent ending of a regime; Ragnarok or the twilight of the gods; the final destruction of the world in the great conflict between the gods (I actually used this one in an article I wrote for the school paper. Send all my classmates scrambling for their dictionaries, heh.)

tulpa--a being or object which is created through sheer willpower alone

squalor (For Esme, with love)--foulness; filthness; (and wait for it, wait for it...) squalidity

skulduggery--crafty deception or trickery

thigmotropism--the bending response of an organism upon direct contact with an object

I should be able to work squalor and skulduggery pretty easily into my next essay (I'm thinking of focusing it around the similar ways crime is put down--by affecting a man's mind and thus taking away his humanity--in 1984 and my choice book, A Clockwork Orange. In case you were wondering), but it'll be harder to stick in tulpa and thigmotropism; we'll see. Oh, I'm such a geek with this kind of thing. But really, do YOU have a better secret game to play while writing an analytical essay? I didn't think so.


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