Thursday, November 04, 2004

Racking up overdue fines because of Neil Gaiman, Winston Smith the rocker, FictionPress

Well, the 6-month cold spell that curses New England has finally descended--I'm cold from the minute I wake up in the morning to the time I go to sleep (incidentally, also in the morning), no matter how many sweaters and wooly socks I bundle on. Ach, I was not meant to be born here.

After finishing American Gods a while ago (horrorshow book, by the way) I got out ANOTHER Neil Gaiman novel, the very short young adult novel Stardust. It's a magical little story, but alas, it can't hold a candle to Gods. So, out of all the Gaiman books I've read, here is my list of them in order of importance: (1) American Gods, (2) Coraline, (3) Preludes and Nocturnes (Sandman comic, volume 1), (4) Neverwhere, (5) Stardust. I still have to read more Sandman, Good Omens (a novel he wrote with Terry Pratchett), Smoke and Mirrors, and his graphic novels. Fodder for the obsession (heh, I've been trying to work that word in here for a while now).

Rereading A Clockwork Orange for English class and it's much more disturbing when you already understand the Nadsat at the outset. Urgh. Oh, and I finished 1984 yesterday--how depressing. I'm glad I read it, but it would have been better had it been 100 pages less, because honestly, for how many pages can you describe Winston's various tortures? I was in that weird state where you really don't want to be reading what's happening (the beating! the starvation! THE RATS!) but you can't tear your eyes from the page. It made me feel mean, somehow.

Incidentally, when I mentioned the depressingness of the book to my Dad a week ago, he said: "Well, it gets REALLY exciting when Patti enters the picture."

Me: "Do you mean Julia?"

Dad: "No, Patti. She marries Winston Smith so she's Patti Smith and then they form a communist rock group...the Smiths!"

Groan. And giggle. I'm trying to make more time to write now so I'm going to go do that. I might be publishing my book soon (or at least what I have thusfar--six chapters or so) on FictionPress. Incidentally, my friend M. has her entire book (65 chapters!) published on FP, and it's amazing, so go read it. It's called Firebird and her penname is JC Jaquez.


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