Saturday, November 20, 2004

Quotes from The Scar

From The Scar:

"Bellis could imagine some fatuous warrior code, some mysticism that abstracted the violence of combat and allowed one to fight like a holy man. And equally she could imagine tapping into savagery, letting atavistic viciousness take over in a berserker fugue. But Doul's combination stunned her...He had readied and recovered himself like a monk, fought like a machine, and seemed to feel it like a predatory beast."

And on the same page-spread:

"Did you ever hear of the Midsummer Nightmare? The Dream Curse? Sleeping Sickness? Nocturne Syndrome?...Something went wrong with...with the nights."

Damn, Mieville is an amazing writer. The first hundred pages or so were pretty slow--though interesting as they unraveled the strange world of Armada--but now FINALLY the plot has solidified and suddenly I'm entirely engrossed. I'm so jealous of China Mieville: he's 32 years old and he's got a B.A. in Anthropology and a Masters in Economics, he's written four or five beautiful, imaginative, critically acclaimed novels, and he ran for fucking PARLIAMENT. Okay, so maybe he ran for Parliament on the Socialist platform and he lost, but still. God, I hope I've done that much by the time I'm 30. Oh yeah, he's also damn hot and darkly-mysterious-looking. Sigh.

Alright, I have to go babysit so that's all for right now. But later I'll try to post something on why freedom of speech still seems radical and stunning to me. And why society's dictates still restrains most of us from that freedom.


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