Monday, November 08, 2004

Nirvana, illness, The Incredibles at the Fine Arts Theater

Listening to Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit. I have to say, Kurt Cobain is the ONLY person on earth who could very angrily scream "A mosquito! My libido!" as a non sequitor at the end of a chorus and not have it sound totally ridiculous. Okay, it does sound SOMEWHAT ridiculous, but it certainly sounds more...legitimate, somehow, than it has any right to be. What an angry, angsty kid. Talented, though: Nirvana's the only facet of grunge-rock that I can endure. And Kurt's cute.

And I'm very sick now. So sick that I came home from school at 11:00 in the morning (after four classes), drank a huge mug of steaming hot water, watched Arrested Development off the Tivo, read The Scar, slept for four hours, drank a huge mug of steaming hot bullion, read more Scar, ate some granola, and slept for another couple hours. I asked my dad to rent Bridget Jones's Diary for me, but he came home with some obscure foreign film (I can't read subtitles when I can barely focus my eyes from being sick!) and some video for my mom. Argh.

Incidentally, I went to see The Incredibles last night with fairly low expectations. I don't know why I felt like it wasn't going to be good, because I really liked Finding Nemo and Shrek. But. I went with my parents and sister for A Family Bonding Experience, and I settled in with half-lidded eyes, thinking about how late I was going to be up finishing my homework when we got home from the movie.

We were in a funny old movie theater about 15 minutes from our house: the Fine Arts Theater. It's a dingy little place that smells like sour popcorn-butter-syrup and employs vacant-looking teenagers to rip tickets for the three tiny theater rooms. One is only about 20 feet wide--a long and skinny room--and all the seats are broken and patched up with duct tape. Another of the rooms has a gnawing, persistent smell of mold that is knitted into the scratchy red foam seats. And the last theater--the deluxe room, if I dare say myself--is where we were sent to see The Incredibles. I have a feeling that this room is where the theater derives its name from, for two massive paintings of placid-looking Chinese emperors reside on either side of the screen. God, I felt like I was at the MFA.

I love that theater.

Anyway, the movie was excellent. I won't bore you with a synopsis, but if you really care I'll link to it here. Maybe it was the incumbent sickness acting, but I was laughing uproariously through most of the movie. It was just goofy and sweet and wholesome. Veddy nice.

Anyway, my eyes are stinging in that oh-gawd-now-I'm-really-sick way from looking at the computer screen for too long. I guess I'll go make myself a huge mug of steaming tea.


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