Monday, November 22, 2004

Harry Potter semi-marathon

I have to admit, I am inordinately excited about the DVD release of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban--tomorrow! My friend E. and I have decided to have a semi-marathon of HP movies. What is a semi-marathon? you ask. Well, I think we all can agree that the first two HP movies were awful. BUT HP and the Sorcerer's Stone has been redeemed because of this amazing "alternate soundtrack." Basically, you watch the DVD of HP 1 on mute while playing this sound recording (you can download it online) simultaneously. Basically a drunken buffoon narrates the story of Harry Potter; from the Village Voice article:

"The misstated names (Val-Mart, Hardcastle McCormick, "Ronnie the Bear")...maybe aren't so funny at first, but kick in around the fifth or 50th time. The codger's interpretations are expressed in fanciful imagery ("Their hatred curls about their temples like Caesar hats"), total cog-diss throwaways ("Another tequila sunrise," at the beginning of a school day), and the downright gnomic ("Never pet cats you don't know—no, never pet anything.")"

So E. and my HP semi-marathon will consist of HP 1 with funny narration, no HP 2, and then HP 3 in all its original glory. The third movie is great, by the way, so go rent it on Tuesday if you haven't seen it yet. Or even if you have.

Alright, enough raving about Harry Potter. Sorry I can't post more today, but I have to start AND finish a history project and do some math and science. Though I'm sure that my math and science time will be shortened and shortened in favor of my Reading-The-Scar and Reading-The-New-Yorker and Reading-Wired time. Oh, I apologize; those hyphens are horrendous. But you get the idea, nevertheless. And finally, I might watch La Strada tonight. Anyone seen it?


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