Sunday, November 07, 2004

Colonies on the sea

Listening to the Clash's Police and Thieves.

This must be doubleplus quick because I'm going to see The Incredibles with my family in exactly three minutes. But I want to post this before I forget: I just got an idea for a new story today, about colonies that exist on the oceans, made of barges and rafts and ships tied together. They would be completely separate from land-dwellers, and their "lands" would be ringed with battleships. Their wars would be fought in OCEAN trenches...and if you could destroy an enemy's water desalination plant, the entire population would die within three days.

Of course, I have no actual STORY yet, just an idea of a place and a feeling. I guess it was inspired by a bunch of things coming together all at once: I was recently reading 1984, which fleetingly mentions "floating fortresses"; I just began reading The Scar, which takes place on an "island" of pirate ships all attached; and my history textbook just mentioned today that one of President Wilson's goals was to make the seas free again. Thus, this story idea.

Oh well, tell me what you think. Off to see Los Increibles, heh-heh.


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