Tuesday, October 12, 2004

You know you've read too much Harry Potter when...

You have a wand that you use a lot.

You read Lord of the Rings and thought, “Gandalf is such a rip-off of Dumbledore” before you realize that LotR was written before J.K. Rowling was born.

You're counting down the days till Harry Potter 6 comes out instead of counting down the days till school's out (gasp!).

You say, “Lumos” when you’re turning on a light.

When asked about a celebrity crush, you answer without hesitation, “Sirius Black”

You see a time-travel movie and think, “That’s so unrealistic! It’s scientifically impossible to go back in time unless you have one of Hermione’s Time-Turners!”

You see a spider skittering along and you go in the OPPOSITE direction.

You are wary whenever you come across a Willow tree (lest it whomp you).

You’re bitter that you’re American because that’s why you never got a Hogwarts letter.

You see someone wearing black robes and you think, “Cool, a wizard!” until you realize it’s actually a priest. Or an angsty goth kid.

You make up words like “Flamellian” (which would mean REALLY old).

In the morning you ask your mom for treacle tart and pumpkin juice.

You mix up Alcatraz with Azkaban (“Oh yeah, I loved that Clint Eastwood movie “Escape from Azkaban”!).

You think you know more about Harry Potter than J.K. Rowling does.

You get really annoyed when the movies omit obscure details from the book.

When a survey asks you to fill out your nationality, you write “Gryffindor.”

You read Macbeth in English class and when Shakespeare mentions the Weird Sisters you think, “Oh, like the witch band that plays at the Yule Ball!”

If you’re in a moral quandary, you think “WWHD”—What Would Harry Do?


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