Friday, October 01, 2004

Wilco, IMAX, the Matrix, distance makes the heart grow fonder, uninformed Liberal bias, Richard Avedon

Listening to Wilco's Theologians (the Wilco concert is tomorrow!).

Just watched the MirrorMask trailer on the site--that movie looks incredible. Unfortunately, when it comes out I will probably have no access to it at my shallow Hoyte's. Oh well, maybe I can petition for the Museum of Science or Jordans to show it in their IMAX theaters--I wrote to both of them about showing the Matrix: Revolutions in IMAX and they did!--though not necessarily because of me. But I did my bit, just so you all know.

Speaking of the Matrix, I love that movie. Okay, admittedly the final two were pretty bad, but honestly they were not awful. But the first one was so great that the second and third being anything LESS than great was unthinkable. They shouldn't have made the sequels; at the end of the third I felt like everything was back the way it was at the beginning of the first--like Neo had not changed anything, like all is futile. That first one, though: mm. It was clever and philosophical and invigorating, and it demonstrates basically the only time when techno music is at all acceptable (aside from Run Lola Run, which was also veddy cool. And German). And it's so quotable: "There is no spoon," the blue pill and the red pill, and the requisite "Whoa." Funnily enough, for a long time I thought the name Neo was just chosen because it is a prefix that means "new"--eventually, I was delighted to see that it is also an anagram for "one." As in, "You are the One, Neo." Yeah, pretty damn cool. Or, as our hero would say, whoa.

God, Wilco is good. Anyway, I am happy to report that relations between my mom and brother have gotten significantly better since he's gone away to college. Now they mostly communicate via instant messenger, the odd email, and the Sunday afternoon phone call. Instant messenger is good because if my bro gets impudent, my mom can just close the window. Veddy convenient. And he's begun saying "love you" before he signs off, which could indicate one of three things. Possibly he has grown more attached to my mom now that he's away and they don't argue anymore. He might be mocking her, because she always heckles him to say "love you" back to her. Or he might have just realized that such a little thing can literally elevate my mom's mood to unnatural proportions, and so he was perhaps being--gasp--NICE.

For a snack I just made myself chocolate ice cream by mixing vanilla ice cream with unsweetened cocoa baking powder. Yum, but a bit messy to concoct. And now Wilco's Hell is Chrome just came on. Incidentally, the school update: Trig and Environmental Science will probably be gone by midweek. However, I am a bit apprehensive about rearranging my English class, because it would be more convenient to move it BUT that's the only class I even care about it and I love my teacher and classmates and curriculum as it is. So I'm afraid I'll really regret it if I move classes and end up hating English class for the third year in a row. Oh, I know I'll be pulling my hair out over this, unnecessarily.

Wilco's At Least That's What You Said.

And today in History my teacher asked for opinions on the debates. Ach, I live in a sea of flaming Liberals! Not that I'm specifically Conservative, but I'm not totally biased. And while I agree with a lot of Liberal viewpoints, I hate Kerry and I happen to agree with Bush on a lot of issues regarding the war, if not much else. But damn, all my peers are so OPINIONATED with ideas that are completely uninformed! Of course they're Liberal by default because all their parents are, but none of them read the paper and they are seemingly incapable of viewing anything political OBJECTIVELY. If I had to choose a party, I think I'd say I'm Libertarian. So there.

Speaking of the newspaper (sorry, such a pathetic segway there), my homepage is the New York Times site, which is nice because for all the millions of times I log on each day to look up a Spanish vocab word or write a post or whatnot, I always see the latest headlines and whatever photo and caption occupies the top right corner. It seems like they change the main page every fifteen minutes. So long story short, I saw a couple hours ago that Richard Avedon just died. What a talented, lovely man. I'm quite surprised at his death, however, because every week (even last week, I think) he takes photographs to accompany the Profile or theater reviews or whatnot for The New Yorker. So at least he must have been healthy and busy up to the last; that's the way to go, I think.

Must go now, because all my week's fatigue has finally caught up with me--I'm going to brush my teeth and sink into bed. Or climb in, actually, because my bed is sort of a loft. Bye guys.


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